Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Little Bit Of Country

I thought I got country music out of my system with Maureen McCormicks (aka Marcia Brady) "When You Get A Little Lonely" CD many years back and now I discover Christian Kane (aka Lindsey from Angel) has a band and it's good, oh dear....

Don't laugh, "When You Get A Little Lonely" was one of the only things that could get me out of bed and off to the crappy day job I had at Kmart all those years ago when I was just a teenager, yes I worked at Kmart!, we all gotta start somewhere.

I have a half finished country song sitting some place, only has a chorus and a bridge but it's pretty good, anyone wanna crack at it? LOL :P

Current Music: The House Rules by Kane
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

On Waking

wake up from hell
dragging loss of life
into the kitchen
feed the cat
brushing pound cakes and
naked breasts out of my head

turn on the computer
dream the email
spill yesterdays coffee refill
onto my socketts

looking like a cave woman
let the cat out
cover my face
bah! who cares

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting Out Where The People Are

Today I am very pleased with myself...

The tour is coming along nicely, my photography is coming out well, who would have known eh? And I started to write a new song, it's been sooooo long since I have been able to put music to words. I have been writing a lot of words, they have been pouring out but the music has been a bit of a struggle up until now.

I do however need to get out and do some stuff, meet some people, stir some trouble up or something. I am a semi hermit. A semi hermit that doesn't know that many people in this city. Anyone having a party or going out dancing?!? ;P

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Current Obsession: marmite on brown toast with nutritional yeast flakes, mmm

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sleep When I'm Dead

So yes I am touring Canada again in the summer with most of the lovely new band that still doesn't have a name. There are a few dates booked so far, check them out on the gigs page on the site. Ideas for a band name are very welcome, I am stumped!

The Album:

Yes I know, it's taking far too long but these things happen, but I promise things are slowly moving onward. I am going to be recording a couple of tracks with friend and fellow musician Dean Wolfe at his home studio in the next few months and am going to be recording "Friday Morning Lullabies" with Sahra on harp sometime soon as well when we can get together. I am also looking for another studio to record a couple of the bigger, more demanding songs in Toronto and elsewhere.

Oooh and I would love to have Danny Michel work on a couple of tracks, playing, producing etc? Do you think I could afford him? And yeah I have a bit of a crush.
Bloody Canadian Men!

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Current Obsession: Danny Michel

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Band New Band New Band

So I have been lucky enough to find nearly everyone for the new band including the following talented musicians;

Anjuli Dawn - guitar/bouziuki/vocals
Monique Giroux - viola/violin
Aurora Bangarth - percussion/kit/marimba if we can find one for her :)
Sarah Nematallah & Liana Berube - sharing violin duties
Lindsay Kotowich-Downes - trumpet

I am meeting with some pianists and cellists over the next week so wish me luck.

Oooh this summer is going to be so much fun!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Untitled, Unfinished

Can you remember when you were truly happy?
underneath all of this two ing and fro ing to be
the best, the best at what?
I am hurting, longing for simplicity.

Current Music: UNE SAISON VOL√ČE by Francoiz Breut
Current Obsession: Dreams but not by my making