Friday, April 04, 2008

Glad to be in Deutschland

Glad to be in Germany after some seriously long drives, stuff ups with the car we leased in France and a performance in a disco in a small town in Italy. Even though there were a couple of less than perfect days, the first show in Rome went smashingly and so far the shows in Switzerland/Germany have been wonderful.


Tuesday 1st April: Hilzingen Germany, performance in the local church to an attentive and smiley audience with a delicious meal cooked by Priest Mathius before the show.

Wednesday 2nd April: Lohn Switzerland, just over the border, performance in church organised by Priest Hans, who passed on my details to Mathius. Lovely big audience, and yes we even played Spank Me Man at both shows and they enjoyed it! It was especially lovely to see some familiar faces and friends and share cake and wine after the show with them at Han's house.
Thanks for all of the chocolate and CD's Hans!

Thursday 3rd April: Feinkost Lampe Hannover, really hip underground club, packed and listening attentively, sold out of my home made European EP again, I am making these with stamps and recycled card for each show and can't keep up, it's good of course but I need some sleep lol!

Highlights this week include:

Friendly people dealing with our butchering of German, Swiss German, French & Italian

Ich Tarzan, Du Jane on tv in the hotel room, they actually made the losers sing 'that's what friends are for' at the end and Steph and I couldn't stop watching, like a train wreck...

Being able to find internet and decent food in Germany

The cool playlist by Pally? before our show at Feinkost Lampe, Anna Ternheim and lots of weird Scandinavian shit, I was in heaven....

Having my own room from time to time, no offence girls...

Rome, wow so beautiful but quite overwhelming for a girl who lives on an island with only around 4000 people

Real pizza in Italy

Watching Dr Who in the cool van on the road

People opening their homes and fridges for us

Appreciative audiences and selling out of the EP!

........CJ started a flickr account with photos, so hopefully I will have a link soon!