Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepless in Effing Seattle, and hell

Sun 28th Dec 12noon: After only 15 hours of sleep in 5 days and a tediously turbulant flight from Melbourne to Vancouver via LA, I slept for 7 hours. The jetlag is switching itself on and off. I feel like I am on drugs. Narcolepsy is NOT my friend!

4:45pm: Board train in Vancouver to Seattle.

5:50-6:15pm: Problems with signals so train must go slow. Driver appologizes.

6:17pm: Back on track

6:20pm: Behind a slow freight train, driver instructs will be a little slow until the other train switches tracks. Brilliant....

Around 7pm: Stop for customs officers but they seem to be having trouble opening the door and getting in.

8:20pm: In bathroom and door swings open after I locked it.

8:45pm: We stop and wait for a train coming from other direction that are hours off schedule. Could it be us in a parallel universe? Hang on, that is us!

9:50pm: Because of unusual weather, the old bridge is having issues. Technician is called, waiting. Again.

11pm: Arrive in Seattle at 11, one hour late which is really 12am there.

12:05am: Offered pot for a guy called 'G'

12:17am: While waiting for airport bus, am asked for my phoner number. I respond: I do not have a phone and move my ring from my middle to ring finger.

12:39am: Crazy lady on bus ringing random people from her cell phone and ranting.

1:30amish: 11 internet for $5

2am: 2 bagels for $1. God help me.

2:10am: Reading the Dow Jones Business & Financial Weekly. $5, left on table. Seems ironic or am I just so tired?

5:30am: Playing guitar, woman asked if I am singing about Jesus and if not, tells me I should be. Gives me her address so I can send her something?!? WTF!!!?

8:45am: Fly to Philly. Hell...

4:20pm: Arrive in hell. I feel so bad and look like a tired ho. When was the last time I washed and slept? I don't know what is going on.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skeena Rhine

I added a ruff demo of Turmoil of Winter to www.myspace.com/emalinedelapaix from the collaboration with Evert (the Energizer in my top friends) as part of our electronic project 'Skeena Rhine'.

It's all very new but here is a little taste. You can hear a little more at www.myspace.com/skeenrhine

Enjoy :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recording Recording Recording!

So I spent 7 hours today recording some songs for the very first time on my shitty computer but it behaved and I am so pleased with the results over on my shitty demos page: www.myspace.com/emalinesdemos

Ok so you can laugh, this is how I did it as I have next to no equipment:

I recorded piano directly into computer but the rest: the vocals, melodica, glockenspiel and egg beater (percussion on Take it Away) I recorded audio on a digital camera and uploaded all the files, importing them into the audio program. I recorded some of the vocals in the cupboard and others in the bathtub too lol!

It was pretty tough having to line everything up but I think I did a pretty decent
job. I am super excited about Perhaps Saskatoon. Take it Away is very rough and only has a chorus and bridge, I think lol.

There are are a few things I noticed when I uploaded the songs but I am far too
tired right now to fix them. I channeled my sadness and frustration today and created these songs. I hope you like them.