Tuesday, February 02, 2010

life is gut

I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning from a farm an hour from frankfurt which will be my home for a little while.

lots of exciting news!

playing guitar/keys at all shows and with two new wonderful musicians by my side: teresa on guitar/bass and nihan on cello. shows are going well, hopefully lots more to come, we are open for bookings in the UK and further abroad. so many new songs!

this week we have a couple of shows in reading and wootten bassett and we will be doing some recording a couple of days after that. have asked old friend/violinist emily mcmillan to join us for that as well as for some upcoming shows.

will play a show with lovely canterbury harpist cristyn williams in april, and hopefully some more in the summer. also doing some stuff with wonderful swedish singer songwriter emil brynge/maple mountain including uk/eu shows. working on that now and open for bookings for ireland/sweden/uk so drop us line for march/april/may opportunities :)  we shared a sell out show at house concerts york, and spent the next day wandering around the old city searching for a roast and scones. we managed the roast but alas big bettys had sold out of scones, maybe next time?

yeah it's late and i am tired and having trouble completing sentences that make sense so here is some more randomness:

i have a sauna in my apartment

i've had two saunas this week already since moving in

i think i ate mashed potatoes from a box tonight

my cat went outside for the first time today since we moved in this week

i was meant to go back to my apartment to watch the long way around w/ stuart the liverpudlian but have been on this darn computer, i hope he's asleep

i went to see a german punk rock band playing johnny cash songs the other night

i think i have a crush

the shops are really hard to get to when you want chocolate and live in a forest

toronto seems like a lifetime ago, i'm so glad i'm here and not there but i do miss my friends and okonomi house

last night i wrote a song called 'bring me a viking'

i really want a celtic harp

it's time for bed, gut nacht!