Thursday, July 05, 2012

Buy a CD and help a Horse Raise Money for the RR Animal Refuge!

Hey friends! There is an animal shelter with over 400 animals run by one selfless woman by the name of Rose in Ontario Canada. Rose's water well has run dry so she has to truck in water for the animals and is in desperate need of funds to continue doing this. Until the 13th July I will be offering 10% off everything in my store if you put in the discount code: waterforanimals and I will donate 10% of the sales to Rose. If you were thinking of buying a CD for a friend or downloading my new EP, here is your chance to get a discount and help a worthy cause at the same time. You can also find out more and donate directly to the RR Refuge at

Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

14 Shows in 18 Days Tour RECAP

14 shows in 18 days. All solo with my UK singer songwriter friend Karl Scott except for the last one where I met up with my guitarist Karsten Lipp. Yep, I am insane.

Tue 5th June - Electric House Concert Bad Segeberg

Ah it's funny when things don't turn out at all how you envisioned them. This was completely different in my head. Not bad, just different. Not sure they appreciated me singing about masturbation, self harm or my ex girlfriend though I think the lovey dovey adele like one was ok ;) They loved Karl. We love you Karl!

Wed 6th June - Pilgerhalle Luebeck

Lovely space, lovely acoustics and lovely folk but Luebeck, what's up with the weather eh?

Thu 7th/Fri 8th June - Cafe Frieda Insel Poel

When we first drove up the drive way Karl and I were like WTF? is this a private house? But it turned out to be a really great gig. For 2 days we set up camp outside and played for all the tourists. I sold out of my CD's each day, and had to make more. Yummy food and pretty town :)

Sat 9th June - Kulturbar Greifswald

It's always nice to see Tiger and play in his nice bar. He also made us a lovely dinner with his family. His daughter is super cute. The bar was a little quiet that night but a friendly audience none the less and we stayed with super cool couch surfers including having a beach picnic the next day.

Wed 13th June - Kaffee Schwarz Leipzig

Fussball :(
Bit of a weird gig...weird atmosphere and a few weird people, not bad just weird. How many times can I say weird? 5 I guess. Let's try again next time without the fussball shall we?

Thu 14th June - Tiki Taky Prague

Prague you're completely mad but I like you. Super fun gig. Super mental audience. Thanks for forcing me to play 'down this road' after so long. Nice to see my long lost old flatmate from London Vendula. See you next time!

Sat 16th June - Veganmania Vienna

Nice generous festival people as per usual. Nice audience, excellent food and thanks for all the free veggie things I took away. Oh and Vienna, it sucked that you wouldn't let us leave the city for 90 min the following morning to get to Linz because of a motor cycle parade. WTF?

Sun 17th June - Bagua Linz

Funny how people are usually wrong when they tell you certain places will suck. WRONG! This gig turned out to be one of the nicest surprises on the tour. We played a show for clients who suffer from mental illness. Thank you for listening so intently, I was proud to play 'Turmoil of Winter' for you. Keep kicking on, I know you can be strong! x

Mon 18th June - Electric House Concert Tuebingen

One of the highlights. Fantastic house, audience and food. What a wonderful evening. Karl and I stayed up late talking with the folk who live in the house and I played a left handed guitar at 3 in the morning. Very cool.

Tue 19th June - Electric House Concert Heidelberg

Second time back. Lovely folk as per usual and Julia is an amazing host and person. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Wed 20th June - Caricatura Bar Kassel

Last minute surprise gig organized by couch surfer Larissa. Was really fun. Thanks for coming back and see you in July again Kassel!

Thu 21st June - Electric House Concert Halle

Haha this was a bit of a mess with people arriving so late and us having to leave early. Sorry about that but it was still fun. See you too in July Halle with Karsten!

Sat 23rd June - Wohnzimmer Liebe Hamburg

Reunited with Karsten after many weeks and for a really nice electric house concert in Hamburg. A real highlight and a nice way to end the crazy tour.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Regensburg/Nurnburg/Gorlitz & Thomann!

Part two of our March and 1 day of April duo tour was a lot of fun.

Thursday 29th March: Regensburg

We started our long weekend with a lovely show at Dombrowsky Buchhandlung in Regensburg. Ulrich and his wife are fantastic people and own a lovely bookstore in the historical centre of Regensburg where they have built a small stage for concerts and performances. Although the audience was small, we really enjoyed the gig and found the people to be super friendly and hope to come back soon. After the show we enjoyed Indian in the old town and then breakfast again in the old town in the morning. Would really like to see more next time.

Friday 30th March: Nurnburg

Ah this is where it all started for me 10 years ago when I played the Bardentreffen Festival in Nurnburg with my then guitarist/musical partner Amira. It was quite humbling to come back here and play to a much smaller audience but although small they were just as enthusiastic and warm as 10 years ago. The folks at Artefakt couldn't be nicer. A funky little bar not far from the centre of town they made us feel at home with pizza from the local Italian restaurant (vegan for me!) and lot's of smiles. Thanks to Markus for organizing this for us last minute. So far I really like the little I have seen of Nurnburg but hope next time we can get to see more of the city.

Saturday 31st March: Day off in Thomann!

Karsten and I had been dreaming of this for ages, a day spent inside the main Thomann store in Burgebrach.
It was nice to try all the guitars and keyboards, my oh my they had so many keyboards. Karsten tried some recording software and then eventually, many hours later we had to leave because we were starving and needed to make our way to Gorlitz. Yes I think we will be back in July on our next trip down that way ;)

Sunday 1st April: Gorlitz

Holy crap what a beautiful city! I am constantly surprised by these beautiful eastern German cities that no one talks about. We arrived late the night before but managed to find a very cheap and sweet pension with a small apartment in the roof (we couldn't stand up near the window) and proceeded to cross the bridge to Poland (Kartens first time!) and had a lovely meal for a ridiculas price. The food was pretty damn good and they couldn't speak so much German or English so I ended up with a weirdo sweet red wine. They were pretty stuck up actually and looked down at us...Ok we did look like we just came off the farm but so what?!?.... As an Australian who lived in Canada, I still can't get over how cheap Germany is and Poland even more so, it seems insane to me.

We spent the day exploring Gorlitz and the neighbouring town Zgorzelec in Poland. Unfortunately a lot of the shop people we met in Poland (mostly young women) were very stuck up and rude...very different than my experiences in Sczecin where people are super friendly. Maybe it's just too close to the border and they are tired of tourists...None the less we had a lovely day and enjoyed another very nice lunch by the river where the waitress was actually super sweet. We finished the evening with a lovely show at the Student club in Gorlitz organized by Jan who is a great dude. I felt the gig lacked a little energy, at first I thought it was the audience but it turns out they were in the middle of exams so can't blame them really. In the end it was really nice and another promoter asked us to come back later in the year to play his concert series which is nice. We finished the evening sitting around Jans kitchen having a late night snack and then fell asleep after a lovely, busy weekend...