Tuesday, February 06, 2007

forgiveness by cable - unfinished spoken word piece

they show it on tv
family, once rotten now sweet
the young actor plays out forgiveness
like its so easy
like letting go or something like that
and the old man smiles, no he was never a bad man
he didn't mean to break skin or batter bones
just made some mistakes
how can you hate him for mistakes

when his hip doesn't work anymore
and he carries a cane to help him move about the apartment
on tired feet
legs that once ran faster than little feet
fingers that once teared at hair
fists that once demanded respect
lips that sprung forth words
piece of shit
you are NOTHING
dirty whore

so when it is my time
will I sit by his bed
or just walk away?
because forgiveness by cable makes it seem so easy

.......................................................All Writing Copyright © Emaline Delapaix 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

Soon I Shall Write

We just moved and I have been getting to know the new house and electric piano but I promise to write a lot more soon. EU/UK tour postponed until Winter or Spring, not sure but still coming just a little later than originally expected. But a lovely Western Canada tour planned, dates starting to trickle in little by little. Lovely new musicians on this side of the country, much news. More soon :)