Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Red Necks, Too Many Veggie Burgers and Swingers

Well a lot to catch up on.

1)All of the Prince Albert gigs fell through, weird
2)Where is the decent food in SK and MB? aaarrggh

Wrap up since last entry;

Saturday 4th August, was meant to be Beach Bash but fell through so we played in front of a nice block of toilets next to the beach. Turned out ok considering we slept in a fleabag, smoke ridden hotel in Regina the night before and hadn't fully gained the use of our lungs until many hours after the show but hey what can you do?

Sunday 5th August Moose Mountain Park

This was pretty fun even though we played a game of right speaker on, right speaker off for most of the show. Audience fun, had a nice meal afterwards and met some lovely people.

Monday 6th August The Slice Lethbridge

This was a fun gig and I think the 6 people in attendance really enjoyed it too.
It was the first night I played glockenspiel and maybe the last? Nice people in Lethbridge and the Ramada was nice enough to let us stay in their suite as well.

Wednesday 8th August Qualico Patio Series Sherwood Park

This was a really fun gig apart from the dodgy sound problems. Met John Wort Hannam and his crew, silly fellows. Nice audience. We did karaoke afterwards at the Coliseum Inn, wow I didn't think we could sound that bad and apparently the hotel have video footage, look out!

Thursday 9th August House Concert Millet AB

What an experience, I don't know if I have words for this...

Friday 10th August Interplay Festival Fort McMurray

Never shall I let Kphanie do me up so pretty in such a dangerous place with rampant men.
I was worried about my safety walking back to the hotel after the show. People weren't joking when they said there are a lot of men with too much money and time on their hands wandering the streets of McMurray and hell where is the decent food? Gig was good though, audience nice and into it. Hung out with John Wort Hannams band into the wee hours of the morning arguing about making babies and music.

Monday 13th August the Club/Exchange Regina

Fun gig with small but appreciative crowd, made some new friends who came along.
Nice place, hope we can get some more people out in the future.

Tuesday 14th August House Concert Ste Anne MB

This audience was one of the best on the tour, so into it and receptive and loved the spank me man song. Yummy food, ooh those devilled eggs were num.

Wednesday 15th August Out to Lunch series & Tryst Eatery Winnipeg

Never thought the lunchtime gig would start, grumpy old bastard sound man with something up his anal passage preventing him from being civil and 18 people wandering around seemingly not getting things done, shitting around really. Finally got to play with a shorter set and it was fun, crowd into it as much as people in offices can be you know, with the spanking solo and all, probably a bit of a shock coming out of the call centre, and seeing that. Funny band on afterwards, you would never have known they had a new album coming out in a few days, only mentioned it like 6 times during the set.....lol

Nightime gig was good but weird, audience talked a lot through the set which I am no longer used to as Canadians are usually very polite and don't do that but they still seemed to like it with the positive comments after the show. Yummy food too and lovely venue. KPhanies family came along too which was nice.

Friday 17th August Field Festival Craik SK

Oh my god, I sang a whole set with tonsilitis, though I didn't know what was wrong with me at the time. Sang my little vocal chords out until they became inflamed apparently. Luckily for me, we didn't have a gig the next night but the show went very well, we had a lot of fun and the festival organisers also loved it. Unfortunately one of the bands had an accident on their way back to Calgary after the festival and several members are in hospital, Ibo and Kindred, so we send them all our love and best wishes.....

Highlights from last bunch of shows?

Shaq who we met at toilet block show for letting us stay at his lovely house twice in Regina, healthfood stores whenever we could find them, sleep whenever we could get it, chloe in saskatoon for letting us stay at her house twice, saskatoon: awesome city, all the differerent folks from different cultures coming to house concert in millet, the devilled eggs at the ste anne show, the lovely folks at almost home and simply on the seine b&b's in Winnipeg, having my own room in fort mcmurray, making it safely back to the room in fort mcmurray lol, the enthusiasm of the folks at the millet show, the threat of being arrested for hanging out with cute 17 year old fiddle players at the Field Fest, awesome bands at Field Fest, hanging with John Wort Hannams mad crew

Non highlights? being sick for 8 hours yesterday after having a reaction to my medication

Wanna see some photos from the tour? They are here! Make sure you copy the link and paste as I can't remember how to do the hmtl to get it to pop up correctly at the moment;

Friday, August 03, 2007

Saskatch and back again....

Big crazy wonderful week!

wrap up from previous week;

Friday 27th July House Concert @ Scarecrow B&B McBride

We played and awesome fun show on an old wagon stage from 80 years ago that bounced when we did. Lovely crowd, wonderful beds and dinner.

Saturday 28th July Sasquatch Festival Easyford AB

This has definitely been one of my favourite gigs so far. Gig was fun but my fave part was the sweat hut and jumping in the river afterwards and the new friends I made. I feel like this festival woke me up from the sleep I have been in for the past year, I can't even explain what I mean but it is definitely partly surroundings, partly the company. What a magical weekend!

Wednesday 1st August Blue Chair Cafe Edmonton AB

Loads of fun as per usual and some of the Sasquatch crowd were there to make it even more fu n! Love Edmonton, did a little interview with the Vue too, will post when I get home. Here is a photo from the gig taken by Tracey Kolenchuk. You can see many more http://www.pbase.com/tracyk/2007_08_01_emaline_delapaix

Thursday 2nd August Calories Saskatoon SK

Played a nice show at this lovely restaurant and bakery, yummy food and cool people, even some familiar faces. What a darn cool city SK is!

Highlights from the last week?

Sweat hut and late night river swimming by moonlight, banjo and homemade wine, cute danish boys, nakedness at sasquatch (though not me as I am too lame), seeing Di in Calgary, crazy tuesday night Calgary drinks, talking and laughter, weirdass Prairie town names, Regina welcomes you sign (photo coming soon!), Saskatoon!, meeting many wonderful people, Edmonton, Grays Haven B&B.....more coming soon