Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Saddest Polar Bear In The World

Animals don't belong in Zoos, Circuses or Aquariums.
They don't deserve to be caged in pens where they cannot turn around and never get to see sunshine or breathe fresh air. They do not deserve to be kept as slaves for our amusement nor abused, raped and killed so we can indulge ourselves.

There is nothing we can say or do to justify the way that animals are treated in our modern society. Absolutely nothing and it sickens me. My fellow human beings sicken me. I feel such despair every day when I see articles like this or pigs in a truck on the highway with such sadness in their eyes that sometimes it's so overwhelming I begin to panic. I feel absolutely helpless. I have no hope.

Nearly every day I ask myself: How can people close their eyes and heart just so that they can continue being part of a selfish cycle that's not only causing so much pain to fellow sentient beings, but also destroying the earth and lining the pockets of big corporations, giving them even more power over us and society?

How can anyone justify being part of THIS and be OK with themselves?

#animalabuse #animalwelfare #animalcruelty