Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Bright Future

I left London, angry that she wasn't what I had hoped she would be, disappointed that I couldn't stand to live there anymore, among the hungry, afraid, arrogant and the brave.

Now that I can stand back and see her from faraway I am very grateful to have lived within her walls and to have learnt what I did from her. She is all of the things I thought she was; ugly, cold and hard but she is also more alive than any other city I have ever lived in and under all that grey are so many colours and so much hope.

I miss her and can't wait to go back with these new eyes in December.

Maybe I will be able to look at Toronto this way as well, or perhaps I still need some time so I can see her colours?

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Under the apple tree - demo

Since I moved to Toronto I have started working with a lovely celtic harp player called Sahra Featherstone who I met when on tour in 2001.

We have been working on a few things together and she even played some shows with me at the Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound in August which were awesome.

This is the first thing we did together and it's a demo for Under The Apple Tree which I am playing guitar on for the first time so be kind to me.

I hope you like it


Current Music: Pauline & Juliet, Dasent (Heavenly Creatures soundtrack)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I'm sitting here listening to lovely friends and OZ musicians the Toe Sucking Cowgirls and feeling all homesick and wanting badly to go home to Australia for a bit.

Also just got an email from friend and Oz musician Rory Ellis who is currently based in the UK which I was surprised to learn. He tells me the state of live music isn't so great in Australia which makes me sad.

Yesterday Lynda and I had a lovely day, we went to the St Lawrence Market in Toronto and ate like a millions samples; honey, tofu, spaghetti, chips, jam, mustard, dip and god knows what else.
We came home with tofu, blueberries, raspberries, purple thai rice (it was soooo good) and loads more. Oh and we stopped in at Kensington Market along the way so she could get some more ginger beer, something she has only recently discovered and finished the night with yummy food (including Churro's - Spanish doughnuts) and some episodes of Buffy.

Will be adding some more UK dates in the next couple of days too.
We are playing at an organic farm in Cornwall!!! I am so excited as I've never been to that part of England before. We're also going to Devon, Lancashire and loads more.

Current Music: the Toe Sucking Cowgirls
(wishful thinking & tenant creek on repeat)
Current Mood: productive
Current Food: lemon & raspberry crepes

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I hate teeth

So I am sitting here back in Toronto, several days back from the tour and my wisdom teeth start playing up! One thing is good, at least they waited until after Waynefest, that would have really sucked.

I have been very lazy, doing nothing but a few things for the upcoming UK tour (yes I didn't tell you) and watching crap TV, eating and getting fat. I will be touring with Dana and Emily again and possibly with a guitarist, will know more info in the coming weeks.

Ooh and for those interested, you can now purchase some of my photography at

I will get the Delaphonic Tshirts designed by lloyd up on the website as soon as I can.
For now if anyone is interested, please email us at for more info.

Anyway I am feeling lazy and tired and the teeth hurt so I am going to rest now.

Have a good day :)


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Current Music: Tales from the invisible man - Danny Michel

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poem for Australia

It's my birthday today today and look what I got;

Imogen Heap's new CD, cans of braised tofu from London (sooo hard to get), the sequel to Molvania (can't remember the name right now), sweets, Robbie Williams Swing While Your Winning CD plus his new CD, Be Natural bars from Oz, Natural Confectionary Co snakes & lollies, cannoli & a yummy dinner.

poem for australia

your tasty beams
salty, sweat framed faces
bleeding into me
collapsing under my weight

delighting in the silky dust
dry bones rub lustfully under my feet
I dream of you, I long for you
how could I have lost you?

I grew in anothers customs
but I didn't forget you
will you let me come home again?
I have so much to show you

you will remind me again
of the beauty

torn edges
rusty colours
and that dry wit
no comparisons can be made
we are all so Australian

the waves lap at my memories
but my love for you is strong
like the banksia brush
that will s c r a t c h
my soft forgetful skin in December

leave me for now
my antipodean dreaming
as I try to make friends
in this concrete jungleof forgotten kindess
seeds for growing
and the fast food life

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lavish (some creative writing)

I could give him everything he wanted for a short period of time, maybe even months.
No questions, no promises, devoid of deflated childish jokes and cover ups. I could be the homemaker prettying the home with pointless garbage, the smell of freshly picked flowers invading my nostrils as I worked, plumping the nestso it would be soft on his return.

The house would be filled with organised baking smells. The recycling would be rinsed and put out on time, the hairs removed from the shower, the couch vacuumed, pillows beaten against a wall, dust free. There would be homemade ice cream in the freezer, intelligent literature left in strategic places through out the house, for visitors eyes, my dyslexia hidden behind my crest white strips smile, in my swollen and over loaded throat.

I wouldn't need anything else but his strong hands and sense of humour, his d**k inside of me and our pretty, sexy adult world where he would be braised tofu and credit cards and I would be swiss chocolate biscuits and thermal underwear.

When away from home, raw and delicious things would come out of my mouth in letters, postcards and emails. I would send photos of weird and beautiful places, foreign canned foods and we would indulge in sexual tension in late night, far away phone conversations, in filthy phone boxes, with tired voices and sweaty, sex smelling fingers.

And he would whisper forever and I would sing him stuff and nonsense, covering my ears for a second, pretending he is dead and I am lonely and this kind of life is exotic.

He will tell me his secrets but I won't know everything, only what he's careless enough to let slip, the tongue being most fertile after we have just made love again, for the 3rd time that night.

We will love and lavish third degree burns like presents, we will make the same mistakes every day but will like it that way because our selfishness is arousing, insuring we always come back for more.

Current mood: Wistful
Current music: Sophie Zelmani, Oh Dear

Waynefest & Goodbyes

We finished the tour in true style up on stage with many wonderful musicians in the Gospel workshop on Sun at Waynefest.

I was lucky enough to play Reins and have everyone on it, and the rain had finally stopped!Brock did a great job organising everything and I especially loved the pancake breakfast! I am surprised I made it out of bed on Sun after the carry on of Saturday night, I know that I got all emotional at some point in the Last Chance Saloon and wandered back to the mainstage for some reason that is still unknown to me! A well known musician informed me that he knew I was attracted to him and I tried to convince him otherwise but he just wouldn't believe me. Keep in mind people this was the first time I had ever laid eyes on him and didn't know him from a bar of soap!!! haha. Jonny Nordstrom was kind enough to escort me back to the Last Chance Saloon at some point after this so bears or musicians wouldn't get me, LMFAO!

Also we slept in a tent that night, do you believe it? I woke up cold and had to get very close to Dana, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way :) On Sunday arvo after the festival, Emily, Dana, Kris and I watched Agassi get slammed in the US open at the Last Chance Saloon but my tummy was hurting a little so I wasn't a lot of fun. However later on I was more fun and we ate Indian, though I was a little drunk by then and couldn't eat much and there was bollywood music and songs made up about c**k blockers by Dana on Kris's guitar. Phew what a weekend!!!

Late sun night we said goodbye to tipsy Emily, put her in a cab and sent her to Calgary airport on her way back to London :( :( :(

Then Kris drove me to the airport on Mon morning and I had to say goodbye to Dana :(

Well it's over for now. But you shall see Emily, Dana, Emaline and Tyler (making special appearances) together again at a festival, pub, art gallery or back garden near you in the future soon!

Bye for now :)

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Current Music: Robbie Williams - Tripping

Friday, September 09, 2005

Calgary, and it's raining but I am warm so everything is ok

Here I am sitting upstairs in Chantal Vitalis's lovely house, using her flash laptop to do some updating while I can.

We were going to head to Waynefest (near Drumheller) tonight for the jam but the weather is pretty crappy and Dana isn't feeling the best so she is sleeping in the bedroom down the hall, fighting flu or something like it symptoms.

I am listening to Melissa McClelland's latest CD and thinking about the future, musically and otherwise and enjoying the heating coming up through the wooden floorboards. We've had a hectic last few days, doing shows in WV last weekend as well as Williamsport PA (Steve's b'day was loads of fun, white sambuca & tabasco shots help you sing better!), Buffalo NY (It was also Tim's b'day and sorry we had to rush off so quickly) and lastly Hugh's Room in Toronto opening for the lovely Barrie Davis from Australia (Is it tea or wee? haha).

This weekend at Waynefest will be the last shows with Dana & Emily as it's the end of the tour and Kris Demeanor will also be joining us on stage for a few tunes on guitar so it's going to be a blast and a perfect way to end our adventures. Dana, Emily and I are thinking about doing a mini UK/Europe tour sometime later this year if we can get something together. Probably Nov if we can work things out but be sure you will see us together again some place!

Come to Waynefest if you are close to Calgary. I swear there are so many wonderful bands playing including Chantal Vitalis and Kris Demeanor, Melissa McClelland and more. Brave the rain, it will be worth it, I promise!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Damn that pecan pie is good!

I tried my first pecan pie last night at the Festival of the Rivers.

Great pie and a wonderful festival with enthusiatic organisers and cool, varied bands. I am very pleased that I came to West Virginia and excited about heading back there as soon as I can to play more shows. Also organising to go back to the Festival of the Rivers in 2006 so that's something to look forward to and I hope to spend more time there next time.

Oh also the festival made a DVD of the show which I will be sure to get up on the website in the next month if I can work out how to do it. Well anyway the website is due for a huge revamp soon anyway.