Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007: So many mistakes slung from shoulders

So I will open my first post in over 5 months with a line from one of the first songs I wrote in 2007, oh the irony:

"So many mistakes slung from shoulders"

2007 was a year of growing and making mistakes and cleaning up the mess and then making another mistake and cleaning it up and so forth and so on. Let's get all the things I wasn't so crazy about out of the way first shall we? A purging of sorts!
Least favourite news of 2007: Masters for 5 tracks recorded for album in Australia went missing/were deleted/studio went out of business. Of course, this is my own fault. When I recorded these songs a few years ago I was very naive and didn't know that you should always keep a copy of your masters. Boy was this a hard lesson to learn.

Second least favourite thing of 2007: Recording with a few different studios in Vancouver and finding out that all of them lacked something that is needed for a successful recording including good hearing, patience, manners, confidence and oh a little thing called "knowing how to use your equipment". Do I sound bitter? Perhaps I am, just a little but I said I was purging, and it feels better already! Oh and one last note on this, why can't anyone record my voice to sound the way it sounds? They hear a high voice and automatically pour 80's compression and effects onto it. And these people were recommended. Recommendations schmecommendations...

So where I am I recording now? Well I have found a lovely studio in Vancouver where we have recorded all of the piano tracks but I am searching for an engineer/producer/studio to finish everything hopefully by March in time for the European Tour. Wishful thinking perhaps but there has to be an artistic, clever, patient, down to earth person out there who digs what I do right? I have a lead in Seattle, perhaps a change of scenery will do me good.

Third least favourite thing about 2007: Flaky BC musicians. Arrrgh!!! But it's ok, I imported some lovely Aussies and a Quebecois and one American so it all worked out.

OK enough of the spitting out of bitterness. Thank you for your patience :)

Best things about 2007: I got to play with a dream band this past Summer including Aussie drummer Cat Leahy who I hadn't played with since 2004 so it was soooo wonderful having her around again. K Phanie from Quebec joined me again as well as CJ from Seattle for her first tour. It was amazing how wonderful these three musicians played together even though it was the first time we played together. Emily McMillan an Aussie living in London flew over for the bulk of the shows to help us out yet again as I still hadn't found a regular violinist here. We had a wonderful time playing all through Western Canada from Vancouver through to Winnipeg and have a lot of drunken photos and *gasp* video as proof of the fun. It was the first time in a long time that I had felt that I was playing with people who I really cared about and who cared about me. What is better than that getting to hang out with your friends all Summer and getting paid for it?!? Things went so well, we will be touring Europe in March/April and then doing a bunch of stuff in late Summer/Fall in Canada and the USA including a tour to Alaska in September!!!
I'm so proud of these gals. I hope you can come to a show and meet them. For now you can check out their own pages:,, as well as sometime pal and violinist Emily McMillan
For the European tour, we will also be joined by Nice based US celtic harpist Megan Metheney who will be playing melodies as well as some bass lines for us. Check out all of the shows under gigs at my website or myspace, ooh and I have a swanky new design thanks to Ruth!

So I got off track a bit but hey it's been a long time since I have written anything, I guess it was bound to happen but continuing on with the good stuff:

I got an awesome electric piano in 2007 and discovered my inner pianist to my surprise. I have written over 30 songs since I got it and am very excited that at least one tune will be on the new album and I started to play piano at shows so it's a very exciting time for me musically. I have been very inspired by my own pianist K Phanie who has encouraged me (now she can play more flute, glock and sax!) as well as the lovely Amy Seeley from Portland who toured with me a bit back in 2005/2006 and played my tunes for me. She is an amazing pianist and if I can be as half as good as her one day, I will be very pleased.

I got my Canadian perm residence after a year and a half and what did I do the day I got it? We drove over the border to Bellingham and went to Trader Joe's to get some of that nummy oatmilk. I love Canada and all but I just needed to get out because I finally COULD! I am not very good at sitting still in one place for very long so it was very tough not being able to leave the country for so long but now I am allowed to be here forever which is wonderful!

Booking shows for other musicians through Candlestone Music. Wow this has really taken off and I feel honoured to be booking shows for other talented musicians. Check them out at

Discovering Jenny Wilson. Thank you universe, I needed something a little different.

Discovering the omnichord! Thank you Dave for lending me yours, come back from Mexico as I need to borrow it for some recording lol. I guess I better get on ebay and get me one quick!

Seeing Tori live for the first time ever! Thanks Steph and your mum for inviting me. Wow what a piano player. - The truth is free

Growing older. When I was 21, the thought of getting older horrified me. Now I am grateful for the wisdom that growing older brings and look forward to growing and learning a lot more in 2008.

Becoming a better songwriter and learning to write more about other peoples stories instead of just me me me. I can't wait for you to hear "Everyday Ordinary" a 3 minute saga about some of the people that I have met on the road as well as "Child of War" written about a boy in Iraq and the impact that this war has had on him and many of the other children living through it.

Having a partner who supports me and puts up with me. I know I wouldn't put up with me!

2008 I am so ready for you!