Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the road again....

Wow getting back into the saddle this year seems hard.
We have been on the road for about 8 days and it already feels like weeks and I am exhausted, though some of that is my own fault: drinking too much in Prince Rupert, every year without fail this has happened.

A quick recap:

Wed 18th July Lorenzo's Cafe Enderby

Nice first show, with no KPhanie but still fun.
Smelly dog, playing whatever lola wants with DMWTP, chillin out on deck under stars afterwards with Lorne

Thur 19th July Flour Meadow Bakery Clearwater

First show with KPhanie! She flew in from Paris via Quebec.
She was picked up by a baker named Sharon in a pick up truck in Kamloops for us as we couldn't get there. Fun show, lovely people, saw a wonderful mullet, yuuummmy cake! Stayed at Sams beautiful beautiful house. So good to have Steph back.

Fri 20th July Cafe Voltaire Prince George

Crazy night, played just before new Harry Potter book came out, people dressed up like maniacs and two people dressed as some horse creature! Don't laugh, I don't know the name of it. Excellent show and went out for a few drinks afterwards. Used our sleeping mats for the first time, stayed with Eric and Neda who made us feel very welcome.

Sat 21st July Happy Jack's Pub Houston

One of my fave shows so far. Local Keith sure did like the Spank Me Man song, has a button to prove it. Lovely to see a few familiar faces. Meg from DMWTP got up and played some electric guitar on a few of my songs as Gracey the violinist couldn't make the show, loads of fun. I love Houston.

Sun 22nd July CafeNara Terrace

A delight as per usual. Several familiar faces, the Spank Me Man buttons were also popular here. Yummy meringue and lovely chilled audience.

Tue 24th July Cowpuccino's

I love Prince Rupert! Loads of fun, lots of ogling guys.
Met a photographer and biologist and had way too many drinks after the show. Argued with a drug salesman about drug companies while drinking a chocolate martini, hippocrate much? Oh and played a lunch time show at a Rotary meeting earlier in the day, that was strange but cool, they seemed to like it.


We have seen two bears so far!
Had a really cool night last monday with my girls on our day off. We made Cat into a gimp with electric tape and Kphanie invented crab rap!
our mascot is Toro Taurus, he hangs from the front mirror and has a cape.

More silliness very soon!