Monday, September 20, 2010

From George to Rupert

We spent a lovely few days in northern BC and here is a little recap:

Thursday 16th September - Cowpuccinos Prince Rupert

Played our first show at lovely cowpuccinos in Rupert and sang backing vocals on Mudcat Joes 'Whoa that Chilli'. Emil and I hung out with Hailey and her friends after the show. Wish we could have stayed longer.

Friday 17th September - CafeNara Terrace

More people came than we thought. Lovely audience and good to see some familiar faces again. Sonny made me something yummy and Korean for dinner. Spent the night at Jims, what an amazing view in the morning!

Saturday 18th September - Hazelton House Concert

Played an intimate show in Charlotte's lovely house and she showed us around too. Bought some delicious raisin cakes in the organic bakery. This was one of the most beautiful places we went to and it was a shame to have to leave so early.

Sunday 19th September - Books & Co Prince George

Haha this was a fun show, our new friend Ray or Roy came down. What a character. A very intimate show even though space was bigger than previous concerts. Also stayed with lovely couchsurfers who fed us so much yummy food. We were like their children, it was sort of nice though smile

Em and Em riding the famous Cowpuccino's cow in Prince Rupert

Emil, Em and Mudcat Joe after Rupert show

The fun never ends, cross dressing cows

Em and an audience member in Terrace who took 'Spank me Man' a little too far ;P

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emil arrives

Yesterday Emil arrived in Vancouver and I was relieved. I kept creating these scenarios that something would happen and then the bus was late but I am just paranoid. The day cleared up into a fine weather and we spent a few hours wandering around Bowen Island where I used to live including meeting some of the colourful locals. We also danced in the forest to traditional Swedish folk music, well Emil danced and I felt awkward. I really need to get over silly stuff like that. In the evening I had a small birthday gathering with friends ni Mik-sa...a day early as we have to leave tonight for Vancouver to get our early bus the next day. Didn't sleep so well because the cats kept wanting to go in and out all night. There are 7.

Oh we met a lovely guy called Jordan on the bus to Horseshoe Bay yesterday too. It was like Emil met his long lost brother or something ;P....K I am sure will have some more exciting and woeful tales soon including the awful 20ish hour bus ride to Prince Rupert tomorrow. Bye for now smile em.....emaline that is