Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quickie from Trail, BC

Hey folks, just checking in from Trail, BC.

We have had some fun shows over the past week;
Kimberley Arts Fest: there was a spa and washing machine in our apartments, plural! and we met the Dave Ward Trio, awesome guys.=, cool town. Creston; lovely show at the Snoring Sasquatch, Nelson show was awesome as per usual, thanks Gary & crew and loads of loveliness and oh the new DR Who was on TV after the show so I stayed up enjoying it with root beer and snacks. Nakusp; LOVED the Spank Me Man song, shown by all the Spank Me Man buttons I sold afterwards and now in Trail, lots of fun, friendly kids who said I sound like Hilary Duff?!? & lots of older folks, nice to see you gettin into the Spank Me Man song, clappin and toes tapping, blue rinse rocks!!!

Ok we have a really long drive tomorrow to Ashcroft so I should get off here. Di from Kris Demeanor & his Crack Band is asking me for help on how to use myspace, oh the amusement never ends....

Monday, August 14, 2006

my first meeting with a chipmunk

my first meeting with a chipmunk

at the edge of the sand
bathing on rocks
we watch each other carefully
curious and lonely for companionship

i speak softly to him
imitating, offering cherries
placing them on flat stones
sweet and accessible to his little hands

i hold my breath and finally he takes one
trusting and pleased
we share fruit in silence by the kootenay lake

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Update, Smiles & Rain

Oooh it's a lovely night here in Revelstoke.
Unfortunately due to bad weather our second show (first was last evening) was cancelled so we are holed up in the Minto Manor B & B in town all snuggled and warm.

Quick update, did some shows in Vancouver which were fun and caught up with some friends, one friend Jesse in particular I was especially glad and happy to see again. Really made my night. I hope to move to Vancouver later in the year so I am super excited that I might get to hang out with him a bit more, and perhaps record in his studio?

I spent Monday roaming around Vancouver, mainly on Commercial Drive buying far too much in the organic stores, greasy spoon breakfast and sushi for dinner. Also bought myself a Uke? Guitar and sat in the park for a while playing with the acrobats and merry makers as they went about their crazy day.

Stopped in Armstrong on Tues and played a show with fellow Australian musician Tessa Lee which was a lot of fun (slept in her funny blue van that night!) and then did 6 hours worth of shows the next day including a morning stint at the Kelowna Farmers Market (loads of fun) and Revelstoke Concert Series last night. It's so pretty here, even with the rain and we really appreciate the hospitality given to us by local sponsors Minto Manor and Nelles Ranch where we are staying.

I was feeling a little crazy over the past few days but think I have settled down again.

Tomorrow we head to Kimberley for a few days with a couple of shows at the Kimberely Arts Festival which we are looking forward to, as well as a nice night off tomorrow night checking out the town.

Have been a bit slack with the photo taking since Calgary but will have something up by the end of the weekend I am sure.

What else is new?
Tonight I learnt how to burp the alphabet, enough said....


Monday, August 07, 2006

this isn't toronto - unfinished?

another writer in another cafe
sweet pastries, organic french drip coffee
vancouver august summer breeze
mangos, fat beats
an old friend, an old lover
interpretive paintings, a lending library
my new green uke guitar
swaying hanging plants, dying cell phone battery
but not caring, butterflies flap in my belly
middle aged men philosophizing over green tea
downtown bus in a blue glow, fading black palm ink
relaxed in kindness, the promise of new comforts
this isn't toronto