Monday, July 31, 2006

I love aeroplane jelly - untitled song?

i can't be expected to know
or smell it,
to sense the fever
with this calculated distance
stealing ice from your glass
just to be close to you

i won't pretend to understand
or carry these heavy stones
strapped across my back anymore
when it aches in all the wrong places

sugar high
crashing low
but still so many miles to go

when i am not allowed to speak
because my words chip away at your layers
jelly underneath
sweet and sticky
oozing between my joints

sugar high
crashing low
but still so many miles to go

so just let me speak...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Write while I can

Hi all.

Hope you are doing well back in reality.

We have been on the road coming up two weeks on monday and having a fine time and seeing some beautiful and special places.

Since I last wrote we played a fundraiser for Women's Place in Kenora, and ice cream shop in Brandon, the Forget Summer Festival (where I accidentally got a little too stoned on Codein due to my injured back, but I managed to dance across the stage or something?, a fundraiser for Transition House in Regina, this show rocked!!!, I take it back, Regina doesn't really rhyme with vagina!, A median strip in Winnipeg as part of our to lunch concert series, house concert in Winnipeg (loads of fun!), Art Gallery in Saskatoon (lovely raspberry cheesecake to die for), bluechair cafe in Edmonton (cool folks and lovely to catch up with the lovely amy seeley and share a song), calgary farmers market during the day today and tea/wine bar in Banff this evening, sweet folks and rockin pizza and chocolate brownies! Phew, a lot eh?

We have two days off now, YAY!
We are going to the Calgary Folk Fest tomorrow to support dear friends Kris Demeanor & his Crack Band and oooh Dar Williams & Ani Difranco are playing too. Super awesomeness.

Well it's after 1am and we have to be on the road by 9am so until next time check out some of the tour shots so far at



Monday, July 24, 2006

Review from Wawa show last week!

To see article and pictures check out this link;

Emaline Delapaix and the "The Delistocracy" Play Rock Island

Emaline Delapaix and her band of merry players as they are known (aka The Delistocracy) enthralled the full house at Rock Island last night. A tough thing as the audience must have been torn between the beauty of sound, and the beauty of the sunset as seen from the "Great Room's" picture windows. Even Emaline herself remarked that this had to have been the most beautiful place they had ever played in!

These five women who were playing their second concert together on this Canadian tour played well together, but also allowed their individual talents to shine. A wonderful pianist, a rocking guitarist, a viola player who wrung such sweet notes, and a drummer who kept fingers or toes tapping. And above all a singer imprisoned in a chair (due to a slight back injury) who struggled to sit still as she sang so eloquently.

It is quite difficult to peg down exactly what kind of music these talented women play. The audience was treated to a blend of traditional folk tunes to some comtemporary rock (well sorta). The best song, and the one that received the most applause was one that dealt with the issues of placing your resume online in the search for employment. Emaline related to us via music, the variety of jobs she was offered in London, England during a recent job search; a "spanking" position with no other strings attached, or perhaps as a topless limousine attendant (you can work as many hours as you like!). Every song had someone in the audience tapping fingers or toes.

But all joking aside, these ladies have lots of talent, and was remarked that it would be nice to see them perform again towards the end of their tour, as their talents and onstage rapport will meld them into a simply outstanding group.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

First 3 Shows For Summer Tour

I am way too tired to write a lot about the first 3 shows of the summer tour but it's been a lot fun so far; people are really digging the spank me man song, we slept in a yurt and we've even managed to do laundry this week which I think is pretty bloody amazing in itself. Beats last years record of 3 weeks!

So far we have played shows in Temagami (scenery to die for), Wawa (lovely exfoliating sand!) and Thunder Bay (jello shots with Toronto band Maps of the night Sky).

We now have the dodgy video camera I got off ebay working as well taking photos at shows so I will have this trip well documented.

Ok I am very tired and my back is hurting.

I feel very old and approaching 30 fast.

Come and see me perform in your town while you can, before I am old and grey and need depends.

Oh dear.