Sunday, November 09, 2008


Today is the hottest day we have had since I have been back in Australia. Shirt sticking to my skin, the hot wind blowing my hair in my face, the red is fading to *almost* blonde.
This place I have come home to feels almost alien to me. Changes and accents overwhelm me. I feel lost in a sea of Aussie-Americanisms. I left the Northern Hemisphere, or did I?

The yuppie yobbo hairstyles remind me of 80's Japanese Pop replicated badly. Young people don't seem to smile as much anymore and 'Oh My God, Totally'! sounds extraordinarily strange in Melbourne twang. What happened since I left? Granted this country has been run by a government who sat by and did nothing for so long, but we have a new government now, surely that should stir up a good old fashioned Aussie debate. But I do wonder if many people care about the direction of this country, as much as they care about Australian Idol, The Melbourne Cup and keeping up with our American cousins. It makes me sad and I do feel lost. The telly is full of Australian cop shows copying their US counterparts, and painfully at that. Where is our original spirit and what is going on in the music industry? I just can't bare to listen. Australian films? Forget it, Aussies have to go overseas to make a real go of it these days. What a shame.
Will it get better? I don't know...I hope so but as a people I wonder if we no longer have the confidence and self worth to stand up and be original. I bloody hope I am wrong...