Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Work Hard For The Money While Hitler Gives Speeches In The Square

Anjuli and I played at Ladyfest in Lansing on Sat.
Bit of a shame that everyone was at the "NAZI" rally in town.
Can you effin believe that? I couldn't stop thinking about that on stage
while we were playing and trying to smile on "down this road".

The idea that people use their civil liberties to give speeches on hate
and racism boggles my mind no end even though I know everyone has a right to their opinion and beliefs. Oh and just to top it off they are apparently a traveling group touring all over the US to promote their hatred, Oh Joy.

I feel like I have been a bit protected coming from Melbourne, but who knows maybe my next door neighbour in Richmond was a Nazi, you just never know.

Lansing is a weird place.

We ate at this Carribbean/Mexican restaurant with the most awful but hilarious karaoke on tv that you have ever witnessed with shiny yellow jumpsuits and all.
Anjuli was laughing so hard she nearly couldn't go inside. You see we peeked inside to see if it was safe first. It was right next to a hair diner. What the hell?!?

But it is so unfair. In Rochester MI they have the coolest stores including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods which is much better than the Toronto lame ass Whole Foods that pretends to be a healthy store but sells the same junk as a normal supermarket but jacks up the price.

Lynda and I stocked up and spent a blissful hour gaping at all the cool things.
You see, I recently went to the naturopath and it seems that I have a crappy dairy allergy of sorts so I have had to cut back my dairy, I am nearly vegan and there isn't much for me to eat here in Toronto. No good vegan cheeses here but at Trader Joe's!

I would like to be vegan or close to it anyway so I guess these are the first steps.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poem For Abandoned Cats

once I was cute and little
and you were enchanted by my blue eyes
my sweet darling face

every night after dinner
you would let me fall asleep on your lap
and I felt safe and warm
special and loved

I didn't know that one day you would change your mind
growing tired of me when I grew into an adult
losing that baby charm
the christmas gift you no longer wanted

I am afraid of what will happen to me
because you sent me away to this shelter
You told the lady at the desk
I don't fit into your busy life anymore

I feel so sad because I am not an old pair of shoes
or a broken tennis racket that no longer works
I still have those same eyes and sweet face
but now that I am six, I am not so little or youthful

is that why you don't want me anymore?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tired with open eyes

I just finished reading "Zoya's Story, a woman's struggle in Afghanistan" and now I can't sleep, that and my eyes are swollen from crying. Check out www.rawa.org for more info.

I feel like there isn't enough of me to help all the causes I would like to in the world. It's like I have to prioritise and I hate having to do that with such important things.

This week I am starting in a fostering program for homeless cats.
Looks like we will be getting a little boy and girl if all goes well and
I hope I can help them have a little happiness in their lives.

There are so many homeless animals, so many dumped by assholes who should be forced to pay for a license before they get a cute kitten that grows into a cat that then isn't cute enough so they dump them. There are so many pets in Toronto and North America looking for a home. Check out www.petfinder.com

Ok now I am tired and the rant is over.