Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mini uk tour recap

live at the institute: essex

quick teresa and nihan, learn this song 30 min before the gig.
lots of lovely snacks for us. nice audience but couldn't see their faces. ladies, it was great to see some strong talented women in music. good first gig. sweet essex town. content.

the slaughtered lamb: london

so sick, so many pain killers. which song am i playing right now? friends came, really nice, wish they would come when i was playing better and could see straight. people laughed and liked. mule sounds. lloyd brought me sandwiches.

little george: chippenham

they got date mixed up. all men at bar, leering, maybe a little? but listening, into it, open and accepting. i played keys for the first time. someone stole a cd. they painted the room for us, we talked until we were so tired, paid in the morning but nice eggs for breakfast from barman.

york house concerts: york

spilled earl grey tea in car. to york via cornwall 6 hours?, delirious when arrived, so happy to see emil again, audience were sardines in a tin can but smiling, laughing so perfect. could not be more perfect. i was happy to share it with nihan, teresa and emil. they are brilliant. york is awesome. next day: roast with emil, walking, candy store, man playing piano on wheels, playing kate bush!, happiness, fat, giving emil oregano oil for a cold, why does he listen to me? that man staring and listening opposite us on the train. the magical weekend over :(

gallery cafe: bethnal green

short and sweet. the bathroom became a social club for us. walked to liverpool street station. i think there was chocolate?

black hole house concert: hackney wick

so much better than i thought. great night, courage was born. teresa's birthday cheesecake in everts room. interview, happy, really happy.

the ship inn: dorset

well there had to be one. but...soup and bread and loveliness from teresa's parents at 2am in dorset and a book from her mum on bach flower remedies. the next day a walk to the edge of the world, standing over the ocean. happy again.

the castle: north west london

guinea pigs, experiments but ok. maybe too complicated for them but the room was so beautiful. last gig for a while. after went to see emil with teresa. sebastian, lloyd, evert, oliver and anthony were there, met jamie n commons in person finally he is lovely. emil and his drummer sounded good. i forgot his candy again. chips and vinegar with evert and sebastian. i love my friends and london. i am so happy. this is living.