Monday, September 25, 2006

Winter Concerts!!!

I will be doing a bunch of intimate, stripped back shows as part of a winter concert series with a few different musicians on piano, strings and vocals between December and February.

I will be concentrating on my more quieter material, new piano compositions as well as a few more upbeat tunes to make sure you stay awake!

I will be joined by various different pianists and string players at different shows and you will also get to hear some of their music as an added bonus.

For now, here is a little bit about the series;

Coming this cold season:

"in the winter dark"

A series of very special winter concerts featuring Australian singer/songwriter/artist Emaline Delapaix and special guest artists/musicians.
and for more information

Friday, September 22, 2006

Enough For Me featured on "The Bleeding Edge" Podcast 22nd September

Enough For Me is featured on "The Bleeding Edge" Podcast for 22nd September as well as a bunch of other awesome music.

If you have itunes, just click on this link to load it otherwise check out official site for "The Bleeding Edge" to find out more.

Thanks for your support!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

there are many things i love (written @ the calgary airport, Aug 06)

soy vanilla chai, airports, email, my monkey posing as a cat bag, digital photos, twinkling city sky lights, the blonde hairs on my arms, elastic bands, bare feet, sweet potato burritos, singing and making them feel something, my beaten up passport and it's many stamps, portable music, phoning home, london at 3am, grandmas cheesecake, australian summers, st moritz dressed in winter, teaching myself to forget, dogs running & smiling, flax & soy corn thins, making toffee after midnight over the stove, red wine with friends, the smell of the ocean, fresh flaky croissants from nice, the london 73 bus, her kindness, moondog parties, wild buffalo nights, postcards, sushi, damien's dress sense, venice in september, white peaches, cocktail onions, canolis from college st, the city when everyone's sleeping, fingers that tell a story, eating sweet pastries in zurich station, napping after dinner with a full belly, watching the sunrise in cornwall in december, paperbacks with well worn covers, richmond sunsets up on the hill, hari krishna melbourne lunches with tim and ambika, not speaking but understanding, hot chocolate on commercial drive, picnics in the dandenongs, curtains, swiss dark chocolate and most of all, socks with sandals... i'm sure there's more to come

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

on the eve of thirty years

on the eve of my thirty years i am here listening to paper doll over and over by lovely uk friends "hush the many" and waiting from my okonomi to arrive.

5 wishes i have on this eve of my thirtieth year;

1)to make a lovely, moving record by early next year called "peculiar places"

2)to make up with people that i have been estranged from

3)to have a lovely peaceful day tomorrow, eat delicious food &
smiles lots

4)get my bubbles back

5)be happy

Monday, September 11, 2006

What is up?

1)Touring in the summer was sweet and sometimes hard but in the end it was worth it and I learnt a lot.

2)New friends, old friends and some friends who weren't friends but now I know.

3)Growing up is hard but must be done.
I will be 30 in a few days, I am scared but glad, it is the year of the first album, I am finally ready.

4)Recording with Sahra soon, 3 songs for the new album, me on guitar, her on harp, violin and flute and others guesting, very excited.

5)Moving to BC in the next few months, again fear but excitement, and feeling that this is the right thing and there will be the right people for more music mayhem.

6)New songs!!! 5 of them, it's been so long, 4 on piano too, I am very pleased and working on finishing them now, one is called "Wanderlust"

7)A few lines from "Wanderlust"

I remember london with it's filth and exotic dreams,
moondog parties and living on sainsbury's baked beans

I remember stuttgart, that little boutique hotel with
cold cuts, boiled eggs and that nasty hard bread I despise
that obscenely large room with the stripper channel,
and laughing at the absurd with sara

I remember Venice, bus rides to who knows where,
writing postcards by the canal, the late september sunshine warming me,
lost in dark little lanes, arguing with daniela, silly,
then early morning kisses just out of town,
the quiet healing me

8)Spare a thought for those who lost loved ones in 9/11.