Friday, October 21, 2005

North Melbourne Marshmallow Sunset

your kiss seems stranger
missing my lips
and I fall onto my knees
wishing this was enough

and as far as I run
the night follows me
into the china town grit
and the east end out of sight

yet you can still hear me
standing so still against the filthy walls
I am hardly breathing
how is it that you know I am here?

I am the great unknown that you will never, never know
I am the love you swallowed
like knives, cutting you from the inside
I am the dust in that northern town
staining your skin
sweat, sticking, soft and lost blowing in the hot wind

I am the little girl you left behind
your friend, your sister
the lie you told us both
I am she who loves you, as I loved you then
I am your heartbreak
I am the North Melbourne marshmallow sunset
and I will never forget

Current Mood: Melancholy

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Home Is Where I Can Stand Still

In a few weeks a pianist/songwriter/singer by the name of Amy Seeley will be arriving here in Toronto from Calgary for an intensive song learning, fun having, gig playing 10 days.

We have some other plans up our sleeves as well.
Check out to find out more as well as Amy's site, her music is really lovely.

Some poetry;

my loyalty, your trigger

it's the end of the day,
the sun is slumping in the sky
setting faster than you dared to hope for

lies stain your mouth,
your pulpy hands took more than their share
and yet you still expect more

you thought I wouldn't see,
but I've lived too much life on these worn out feet
to be cheated by you

underneath the disrespect
you wished that you were me

coldly plotting,
with diminshed self control
my loyalty, your trigger
your jealousy, my sound mind

the only thing you can give me now is disappointment
you must be proud.......

Current Music: Through Your Eyes, Lunik
Current Mood: Indecisive

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I woke up this morning, well actually late morning, to the cries of a wee kitten coming from the laundry downstairs.

I opened the door and there she was, tiny, not much bigger than my hand making a racket with no water, food, kitty litter or anything to sleep on.

I rang the landlord who lives upstairs but he knew nothing about it and he called the other tentant in the basement apartment but I haven't heard anything back. I tried to make her comfortable and played with her a little (she loves to chew on my hair) and decided since we have some cats here it might be best for her to stay there where it's quiet and safe for now.

I don't know what the person was thinking, leaving her there with nothing to eat or drink or sleep on. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with people!