Monday, January 30, 2006

Productive Week

I spent a very productive last week writing, submitting artwork/writing to magazines as well as making contacts with new musicians. Some of my photographs and writing will be featured in online magazines Mosaic Minds and Empowerment 4 Women in Feb/March so be sure to check them out.

I made my first handmade card on the weekend and will be making my first recycled paper this week to add to future cards. I am hoping to add my photography and poetry to handmade gifts. I am also going to be taking a bookbinding workshop in a few weeks so I can put together my poetry/artbook "Hope Grows" all by myself with my own hands. I am sure it will be a very satisfying feeling once completed.

As you can see, the lovely Pamela has added some stuff to my website and there will be loads more in the coming month including photography available in the store.

Today is a lazy day, after the busy weekend.

This week I am looking into getting myself a decent electric piano to work on some new and old songs as well as something to record everything with as a lot of my belongings are still in Australia. I have been very lazy with the guitar practise but on the weekend I did have a bit of a break through on an old song that myself and others have had trouble playing over the years and somehow it just clicked and now I know how to do it. Sounds a bit silly doesn't it, since I write the songs but I am not the greatest at playing them the best they can be, with the best technique without mistakes but I will get there.

Pulled out some old self portait & other photos I forgot I took last year and will be adding them to the site as well soon.


Current Music: Manzanita by Mia Doi Todd
Current Food: GoLean Crunch with Almond Breeze
Current Obsession: making handmade cards, poetry & fresh pineapple

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Breath & Be Patient

I am learning something new.
"Patience" and how to believe in my ideas, and goals and not to settle for anything
less than what my songs and I deserve.

I learnt so much on the last tour...

What the piano can do for me and my songs.
Where my energies should be directed.
That things aren't always my fault.
That I miss having a band and cello and sisters in music.

So I leave behind that old skin; grumbling, appologising, fearing,
instead looking for other people to whom music is just as important as it is to me, to form partnerships and collaborations, to help each other, really help each other this time..and to help save the world with music.

Current Music: If I Sang It Pretty by treasa levasseur
Curren Mood: Open

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Farewell England

I don't expect I shall be returning to England any time in the near future.
I feel that I have had my time there and am looking for other challenges in places
more suited to my music. That's something I discovered on this last tour.
Of course there are a few exceptions, you know where you are...

No more smoky pubs, drunken men leering.
Onward to a brighter, more confident future.

Thanks to Amy, Emily and Teresa for hitting the road with me.
We have some fond memories, and photos to prove it, so I will get them up on the bugbitten site in the links page in the next few weeks.

I am taking a break from performing and working on my guitar playing and songwriting.
I am looking for a guitar teacher and pianist and other musicians to put together a band again as it's lonely being the singer/songwriter/instigator.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

10 Things That Tell You That Your Gig Is Really Going To Suck

10 Things That Tell You That Your Gig Is Really Going To Suck

1.There is a bad shirt contest
2.They are playing AC/DC and choir music before you start
3.The crowd is older than all of your bandmates put together
4.Before the show even starts the barman asks you to play "lively music"
5.The barman is wearing a skirt
6.The owner is pissed by the time you take the stage
7.The owner tells you he booked you without hearing your music
8.You have to explain the difference between original music and covers to an audience member.
9.There are pubic hairs in the shower of the room you are staying in
10.It's New Years Eve!