Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My First UK House Concert

My first house concert in the UK went smashingly last night accompanied by Amy, Emily and Teresa.

We drank mulled wine, ate mince tarts and had fun playing to the enthusiastic crowd.
After some of the stranger shows we have done on this tour, it was nice to play to a music loving crowd.

Here is a review by Healthy Concert organiser John Wadsworth;

"Great gig to warm the cockles on the eve of the Midwinter Solstice (fittingly rounded off by the line \'And the Sun will rise again\' in Emaline\'s song - Down this Road) Emaline kept promising us that her voice was going to fail her due to a sore throat, but happily it didn't and if she'd never have mentioned it, we'd never have known. Emaline has a quirky and interesting vocal style and gave an audacious performance, backed by three other musicians, including the superb pianist and singer-songwriter, Amy Seeley, who gave her own solo performance to kick the evening off. A great evening and thanks so much to Sarah and Kevin for hosting it in their fabulous living room. Over 50 people showed up!! Thanks guys! " - author John Wadsworth

Monday, December 19, 2005

Locked Doors, too many breasts and those lovely Germans

We spent an insane weekend driving through countries in europe getting to a new gig and place each day this past weekend.

Amsterdam was difficult as per usual. Was hoping it would all come together this time but things went wrong as they usually do, I guess at this time, Amsterdam and I are just not meant to be. The gig was ok, they seemed to love spank me man, I wonder why?!? but the next morning we got locked in a tiny stairwell in a tiny apartment of splindly stairs with a lady blaming us for breaking the door which we didn't do. Nearly had the car clamped and towed but made it to it in time to then drive down a one way street on the wrong side, down the wrong way. Oh the joy.

Onto lovely steyberg, magical, snow falling, giant flakes, getting lost as per usual but finding Lebengarten just in time for lovely soup and sandwiches before the show. what a lovely show, Amy got to play a real piano and the audience were sweet, one lady requesting Friday Morning Lullabies as an encore which was wonderful as it's pretty mellow and new and it's nice that people are responding well to something I didn't know would go down well.
Can't wait to go back sometime in the future.

The last show for the weekend was one at the LAB in Stuttgart where I have played before. Great audience as per usual, and a lovely man gave me Vashti Bunyans CD which is so weird cause I was thinking of getting it, Amy was given Mary Chapin Carpenter too. It's nice to be able to go back to a place in another country where people love your music and you are treated with respect, I look forward to it each time.

Tonight we played a crazy show at London's tiniest music venue The Betsey Trotwood which was loads of fun, and my sore throat which has been playing up all weekend held out for me. Fun crowd, spankers and all. Hope to go back again in the future.

Tomorrow we head off to Bradford On Avon for a show as part of which I am really looking forward to.

Oh and Nizlopi are number 1!!! So proud of you!
Run out and buy the single or check out their page on my links page to find out more.

Got to get some sleep and let my throat rest.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

London Still

Here I am back at the old local net cafe in Stokey, London.
Things aren't breaking down every 5 seconds this time which is nice.

Spent an interesting week in the south west UK (Devon/Cornwall & Dorset), some shows were fun others not so much but what can you do?

Last night we played at the Moondog Loves You Xmas Factor and met some other cool musicians, ate some scones and did some spanking. Moondog shows are lots of fun to play and this one was no exception.

Tomorrow we head over to Amsterdam and Germany for the weekend and really looking forward to it as well as seeing some familiar faces in Stuttgart.

I am feeling a little bit tired today so I won't write much but I will say one thing.
It was lovely seeing Nizlopi on Top of the Pops on Sun night. We were playing at a pub in Paignton Devon and I blubbered as I was so happy and proud of them. For those of you who don't know them, we met at a London open mic back in 2002 and have since played many Moondog Shows together. If you haven't got your copy yet rush out and help the boys make it to number one this christmas. or , don't try and link from this journal though as it won't work well, copy the link and paste into a new browser for it to work properly.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Exeter, Hospitality and Aussies

Played a lovely show at the North Bridge Inn last night in Exeter Devon, my favourite so far on the tour.

Before the show I spent a few hours wandering through the city, which reminded me a little of Melbourne and made me a bit homesick. The audience were wonderful, lots of artists and musicians including talented Australian guitarist/singer/songwriter Nuala, we chatted after the show and are going to keep in contact in the future. We played Spank Me Man twice at their request!!!

Eddie and Willow, the hosts were also lovely and this morning I sang Under The Apple Tree to the hamster as they said he never comes out except for music. Before I knew it his little head popped out of the cotton wool bed, his nose twitching and he rested his head and his eyes closed and he fell asleep! :)

Now we are in a lovely village called Newton Ferrers in Devon, tonight playing at a pub called the Swan in Noss Mayo on the water. Have heard nice things about it.

Must go as the lady we are staying with Ann has made us a lovely meal :)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Write Write Write While You Can!

Figure I might as well as write as much as I can now before the tour starts, god knows when I will get myself to a computer to write something in here then.

All the shows for the tour are booked and things are going splendidly.
We are playing a couple of shows in Holland and Germany, stopping over in Brussells
which I am very excited about and then Eurotunnelling it back to the Uk via Calais.
Good shopping there I hear!?!

Today I have been very crap and only ate blueberry pie for breakfast and lunch.

Yesterday Lynda and I went on a nice roadtrip to Stratford and St Mary's in Ontario.
We went to a farm where they sold crazy jams and pies and then spent 45 mins in a tea shop would you believe? I am loaded up with exotic teas for the tour and blue plum and raspberry chocolate jam, mmm. There was snow and a lovely early morning breakfast at Let Them Eat Cake in Stratford with a sweet waitress. I took some photos and ate samples as it was tax free day in downtown St Mary's. We listened to Sunset by Kate Bush
about 3 times in a row in the car. Of course it was only a matter if time before I managed to sneak Robbie Williams into the CD player but lucky for some I brought the wrong CD and we were nearly home.

We ate Kraft Dinner for tea, with some aged cheese melted in it from St Mary's, it's weird because I am so picky but not with Kraft Dinner. Tonight we are having sweet potato and maple bean burritos for dinner, one of my faves for the last time for a while, till I get back from the tour I guess.

Oh and the snow is gone in Toronto.
I don't understand, it just came! it made me cold and my toes froze and now it has melted.
Four Seasons in One Day (written about Melbourne by Neil Finn) should be lent to Toronto I think.

3 more days till I fly out, oooh did I remember to tell the airline I am a vegetarian?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Last Canadian Show With Amy

Last night Amy and I played a nice little show at new Toronto Bar & Eatery Rockie Raccoons on Yonge St. A bunch of friends came and I also made some new friends. Some of the songs were filmed by Tamara, perhaps up on the website at some point?

We said goodnight to Amy, she was getting a bus to the airport at 4:30am!
The next time I see her will be in London in 10 days, how weird!

So much to do before I leave.
The snow has just started to fall, seems like good timing to high tail...

Current Music: Give Me More Of Everything, Stina Nordenstam
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chatham, ON

Amy and I played to an attentive and intimate crowd at the lovely William St Cafe in Chatham last night. What a nice surprise it was after the venue in Windsor the night before.

I should have asked more questions about the origins of the cafe but the building had alot of the original features and one of the funkiest, comfortable places I have seen in Ontario.

Afterwards we went back to stay with our global freeloaders hosts in Tecumseh which I cannot seem to say properly! They had the most awesome bathroom with a heat lamp, a speaker system so you could bop with your soap in the shower and they left us muffins and nuts and port!

Current Music: Joanni from Aerial, Kate Bush
Current Mood: Peaceful

Friday, November 18, 2005

Windsor Doesn't Rhyme With Anything Dammit!

Wow, Windsor, what can I say?
You have a stylish mall....

Thanks to the venue for the programming. Yes we have singer songwriters....
They especially like to stand under the big TV while there is a game on and have
peanuts thrown at them.

Though, real thanks to the 8 people who did enjoy the show, people who had never heard music like Amy's and mine before. Perhaps we will find a nicer, more suitable venue for you next time.

Hey Amy, who is that guy at the bar with the power?!?
Driving away like bandits after a stupid crazy, gig does feel good!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Space, New live songs & a poem

Hey folks

I have updated my, myspace page and you can see it at

I also made a special live songs page here; which has two songs from a recent concert in Rasputin's in Ottawa for which I am accompanied by Dana Shellmire on piano/vocals and Sahra Featherston on harp/violin. You can dowload the cracking piano version of Melting Down there too.

I added Friday Morning Lullabies from the same concert to , that was the second time we have played it, we're still ironing out the creases and I am trying to remember the words!

beautiful what ifs

what is this,
what we are?
stolen chances
stuffed in our pockets,
brimming and confused,
and my frozen crossbow
cold against your chest
leading you into
only senses
and beautiful what ifs

there's a la la
in your voice
and survival in your stride
because there's new wrinkles
around your eyes
and more afterthought than
you ever needed to want.

but don't think that I will love you less
because of your
extra folds,
your face and skin,
delicately growing old.

you're in my blood
that's just how it is
I'll never be sorry for that...

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kiwi's Are Not The Only Fruit (poem)

she is the girl who broke my last straw
crushed the last memories
through your lies
for the newspaper won't lull me
to sleep at night
important stories,
knowing we belong together,
it's a heavy weight...
and your love is far away
over the ocean
yet again

I can forgive the dark faced girl
but not the kiwi
who grounds her feet where they are not wanted

you can tell me that you love her!
pining for love that grew roots in foreign soil
hiding my face so when you came inside of me you believed it was her
but I won't ever accept this
I've got a Canadian passport
and she has little time
so she has to make a choice
which drama will she lose?
and she will lose!
I just pray that it will be you...


Lot's of news...

I will be doing a photoshoot with Toronto photographer Michelle Gibson on Mon 21st Nov and am very excited as her work is awesome and I so need a revamp. Check out her website at, looks like Amy Seeley will be joining me for a couple of photos as well for use in upcoming promo for shows. What's this? we will have hair and makeup and borrowed jewelry and clothing too? ooh it's all so professional.

Speaking of revamp, in time for the upcoming UK/EU tour, the website will be overhauled and sweetened with the talents of designer Pamela Farber
We have been working on the design together via email and wait till you see the new look, it's me right through! Also there will be new promo stuff like photos, posters and postcards, not to mention soundfiles from recent live shows and projects.

Spent yesterday meeting with Michelle and Pamela to discuss projects but also took a load of new photos down an alley off Queen Street West in Toronto, of mainly grafitti my new obsession perhaps? When I can get off my butt I will upload them to

What else? Some new dates added to the UK tour including a house concert in Bradford on Avon, co-housing community concert in Sussex, show at the Green Note restaurant in Camden London, one of my fave places and a very special christmas eve show in Dorset. Oh and there will be a couple of Toronto shows added for the duo shows with Amy Seeley in the next few days too. Busy crazy busy and she will be here in a week!

For those who love good music, Anja Garbarek has a new album out, with the lovely "The Last Trick" single. Check out finally, a website with more than two words about the super talented and beautiful Anja. Oh and also make sure you check out the new gorgeous promo photos of Anja, I hope my photos turn out half as good as hers.

Last night Lynda and I watched the Timothy Hutton film, Beautiful Girls.
He is my favourite actor and I had kind of lost touch with what he was up to but I guess I have been having a bit of a Timothy fest lately, catching up and remembering how awesome and CUTE he is with The Falcon & the Snowman with Sean Penn & Turk 182. We just got Ordinary People from the Library, also I had forgotten how awsome they are, free videos and CD's, not to mention the activities they have there including a poetry group, whoa who's a dork?

Anyway it's late as I still haven't had breakfast so must remedy that.

Hope it's sunny where you are...

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

in truth she cannot pretend (new poem)

the lier awakes
with knuckles between
her legs,
her mind dwelling
on superheroes...
with truth
strapped to their groins
cause it's been so long
since she came up for air

and in the moment of
real knowing
in sleep she cannot pretend...
tears swell and com-bust,
skin reddens, lips calm
after the final explosion
she loves as much as pain
and she knows she cannot stop it

Friday, October 21, 2005

North Melbourne Marshmallow Sunset

your kiss seems stranger
missing my lips
and I fall onto my knees
wishing this was enough

and as far as I run
the night follows me
into the china town grit
and the east end out of sight

yet you can still hear me
standing so still against the filthy walls
I am hardly breathing
how is it that you know I am here?

I am the great unknown that you will never, never know
I am the love you swallowed
like knives, cutting you from the inside
I am the dust in that northern town
staining your skin
sweat, sticking, soft and lost blowing in the hot wind

I am the little girl you left behind
your friend, your sister
the lie you told us both
I am she who loves you, as I loved you then
I am your heartbreak
I am the North Melbourne marshmallow sunset
and I will never forget

Current Mood: Melancholy

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Home Is Where I Can Stand Still

In a few weeks a pianist/songwriter/singer by the name of Amy Seeley will be arriving here in Toronto from Calgary for an intensive song learning, fun having, gig playing 10 days.

We have some other plans up our sleeves as well.
Check out to find out more as well as Amy's site, her music is really lovely.

Some poetry;

my loyalty, your trigger

it's the end of the day,
the sun is slumping in the sky
setting faster than you dared to hope for

lies stain your mouth,
your pulpy hands took more than their share
and yet you still expect more

you thought I wouldn't see,
but I've lived too much life on these worn out feet
to be cheated by you

underneath the disrespect
you wished that you were me

coldly plotting,
with diminshed self control
my loyalty, your trigger
your jealousy, my sound mind

the only thing you can give me now is disappointment
you must be proud.......

Current Music: Through Your Eyes, Lunik
Current Mood: Indecisive

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I woke up this morning, well actually late morning, to the cries of a wee kitten coming from the laundry downstairs.

I opened the door and there she was, tiny, not much bigger than my hand making a racket with no water, food, kitty litter or anything to sleep on.

I rang the landlord who lives upstairs but he knew nothing about it and he called the other tentant in the basement apartment but I haven't heard anything back. I tried to make her comfortable and played with her a little (she loves to chew on my hair) and decided since we have some cats here it might be best for her to stay there where it's quiet and safe for now.

I don't know what the person was thinking, leaving her there with nothing to eat or drink or sleep on. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with people!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Bright Future

I left London, angry that she wasn't what I had hoped she would be, disappointed that I couldn't stand to live there anymore, among the hungry, afraid, arrogant and the brave.

Now that I can stand back and see her from faraway I am very grateful to have lived within her walls and to have learnt what I did from her. She is all of the things I thought she was; ugly, cold and hard but she is also more alive than any other city I have ever lived in and under all that grey are so many colours and so much hope.

I miss her and can't wait to go back with these new eyes in December.

Maybe I will be able to look at Toronto this way as well, or perhaps I still need some time so I can see her colours?

Current Mood: Hopeful
Current Music: Amy Seeley

Monday, September 26, 2005

Under the apple tree - demo

Since I moved to Toronto I have started working with a lovely celtic harp player called Sahra Featherstone who I met when on tour in 2001.

We have been working on a few things together and she even played some shows with me at the Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound in August which were awesome.

This is the first thing we did together and it's a demo for Under The Apple Tree which I am playing guitar on for the first time so be kind to me.

I hope you like it


Current Music: Pauline & Juliet, Dasent (Heavenly Creatures soundtrack)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I'm sitting here listening to lovely friends and OZ musicians the Toe Sucking Cowgirls and feeling all homesick and wanting badly to go home to Australia for a bit.

Also just got an email from friend and Oz musician Rory Ellis who is currently based in the UK which I was surprised to learn. He tells me the state of live music isn't so great in Australia which makes me sad.

Yesterday Lynda and I had a lovely day, we went to the St Lawrence Market in Toronto and ate like a millions samples; honey, tofu, spaghetti, chips, jam, mustard, dip and god knows what else.
We came home with tofu, blueberries, raspberries, purple thai rice (it was soooo good) and loads more. Oh and we stopped in at Kensington Market along the way so she could get some more ginger beer, something she has only recently discovered and finished the night with yummy food (including Churro's - Spanish doughnuts) and some episodes of Buffy.

Will be adding some more UK dates in the next couple of days too.
We are playing at an organic farm in Cornwall!!! I am so excited as I've never been to that part of England before. We're also going to Devon, Lancashire and loads more.

Current Music: the Toe Sucking Cowgirls
(wishful thinking & tenant creek on repeat)
Current Mood: productive
Current Food: lemon & raspberry crepes

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I hate teeth

So I am sitting here back in Toronto, several days back from the tour and my wisdom teeth start playing up! One thing is good, at least they waited until after Waynefest, that would have really sucked.

I have been very lazy, doing nothing but a few things for the upcoming UK tour (yes I didn't tell you) and watching crap TV, eating and getting fat. I will be touring with Dana and Emily again and possibly with a guitarist, will know more info in the coming weeks.

Ooh and for those interested, you can now purchase some of my photography at

I will get the Delaphonic Tshirts designed by lloyd up on the website as soon as I can.
For now if anyone is interested, please email us at for more info.

Anyway I am feeling lazy and tired and the teeth hurt so I am going to rest now.

Have a good day :)


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Current Music: Tales from the invisible man - Danny Michel

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poem for Australia

It's my birthday today today and look what I got;

Imogen Heap's new CD, cans of braised tofu from London (sooo hard to get), the sequel to Molvania (can't remember the name right now), sweets, Robbie Williams Swing While Your Winning CD plus his new CD, Be Natural bars from Oz, Natural Confectionary Co snakes & lollies, cannoli & a yummy dinner.

poem for australia

your tasty beams
salty, sweat framed faces
bleeding into me
collapsing under my weight

delighting in the silky dust
dry bones rub lustfully under my feet
I dream of you, I long for you
how could I have lost you?

I grew in anothers customs
but I didn't forget you
will you let me come home again?
I have so much to show you

you will remind me again
of the beauty

torn edges
rusty colours
and that dry wit
no comparisons can be made
we are all so Australian

the waves lap at my memories
but my love for you is strong
like the banksia brush
that will s c r a t c h
my soft forgetful skin in December

leave me for now
my antipodean dreaming
as I try to make friends
in this concrete jungleof forgotten kindess
seeds for growing
and the fast food life

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lavish (some creative writing)

I could give him everything he wanted for a short period of time, maybe even months.
No questions, no promises, devoid of deflated childish jokes and cover ups. I could be the homemaker prettying the home with pointless garbage, the smell of freshly picked flowers invading my nostrils as I worked, plumping the nestso it would be soft on his return.

The house would be filled with organised baking smells. The recycling would be rinsed and put out on time, the hairs removed from the shower, the couch vacuumed, pillows beaten against a wall, dust free. There would be homemade ice cream in the freezer, intelligent literature left in strategic places through out the house, for visitors eyes, my dyslexia hidden behind my crest white strips smile, in my swollen and over loaded throat.

I wouldn't need anything else but his strong hands and sense of humour, his d**k inside of me and our pretty, sexy adult world where he would be braised tofu and credit cards and I would be swiss chocolate biscuits and thermal underwear.

When away from home, raw and delicious things would come out of my mouth in letters, postcards and emails. I would send photos of weird and beautiful places, foreign canned foods and we would indulge in sexual tension in late night, far away phone conversations, in filthy phone boxes, with tired voices and sweaty, sex smelling fingers.

And he would whisper forever and I would sing him stuff and nonsense, covering my ears for a second, pretending he is dead and I am lonely and this kind of life is exotic.

He will tell me his secrets but I won't know everything, only what he's careless enough to let slip, the tongue being most fertile after we have just made love again, for the 3rd time that night.

We will love and lavish third degree burns like presents, we will make the same mistakes every day but will like it that way because our selfishness is arousing, insuring we always come back for more.

Current mood: Wistful
Current music: Sophie Zelmani, Oh Dear

Waynefest & Goodbyes

We finished the tour in true style up on stage with many wonderful musicians in the Gospel workshop on Sun at Waynefest.

I was lucky enough to play Reins and have everyone on it, and the rain had finally stopped!Brock did a great job organising everything and I especially loved the pancake breakfast! I am surprised I made it out of bed on Sun after the carry on of Saturday night, I know that I got all emotional at some point in the Last Chance Saloon and wandered back to the mainstage for some reason that is still unknown to me! A well known musician informed me that he knew I was attracted to him and I tried to convince him otherwise but he just wouldn't believe me. Keep in mind people this was the first time I had ever laid eyes on him and didn't know him from a bar of soap!!! haha. Jonny Nordstrom was kind enough to escort me back to the Last Chance Saloon at some point after this so bears or musicians wouldn't get me, LMFAO!

Also we slept in a tent that night, do you believe it? I woke up cold and had to get very close to Dana, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way :) On Sunday arvo after the festival, Emily, Dana, Kris and I watched Agassi get slammed in the US open at the Last Chance Saloon but my tummy was hurting a little so I wasn't a lot of fun. However later on I was more fun and we ate Indian, though I was a little drunk by then and couldn't eat much and there was bollywood music and songs made up about c**k blockers by Dana on Kris's guitar. Phew what a weekend!!!

Late sun night we said goodbye to tipsy Emily, put her in a cab and sent her to Calgary airport on her way back to London :( :( :(

Then Kris drove me to the airport on Mon morning and I had to say goodbye to Dana :(

Well it's over for now. But you shall see Emily, Dana, Emaline and Tyler (making special appearances) together again at a festival, pub, art gallery or back garden near you in the future soon!

Bye for now :)

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Current Music: Robbie Williams - Tripping

Friday, September 09, 2005

Calgary, and it's raining but I am warm so everything is ok

Here I am sitting upstairs in Chantal Vitalis's lovely house, using her flash laptop to do some updating while I can.

We were going to head to Waynefest (near Drumheller) tonight for the jam but the weather is pretty crappy and Dana isn't feeling the best so she is sleeping in the bedroom down the hall, fighting flu or something like it symptoms.

I am listening to Melissa McClelland's latest CD and thinking about the future, musically and otherwise and enjoying the heating coming up through the wooden floorboards. We've had a hectic last few days, doing shows in WV last weekend as well as Williamsport PA (Steve's b'day was loads of fun, white sambuca & tabasco shots help you sing better!), Buffalo NY (It was also Tim's b'day and sorry we had to rush off so quickly) and lastly Hugh's Room in Toronto opening for the lovely Barrie Davis from Australia (Is it tea or wee? haha).

This weekend at Waynefest will be the last shows with Dana & Emily as it's the end of the tour and Kris Demeanor will also be joining us on stage for a few tunes on guitar so it's going to be a blast and a perfect way to end our adventures. Dana, Emily and I are thinking about doing a mini UK/Europe tour sometime later this year if we can get something together. Probably Nov if we can work things out but be sure you will see us together again some place!

Come to Waynefest if you are close to Calgary. I swear there are so many wonderful bands playing including Chantal Vitalis and Kris Demeanor, Melissa McClelland and more. Brave the rain, it will be worth it, I promise!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Damn that pecan pie is good!

I tried my first pecan pie last night at the Festival of the Rivers.

Great pie and a wonderful festival with enthusiatic organisers and cool, varied bands. I am very pleased that I came to West Virginia and excited about heading back there as soon as I can to play more shows. Also organising to go back to the Festival of the Rivers in 2006 so that's something to look forward to and I hope to spend more time there next time.

Oh also the festival made a DVD of the show which I will be sure to get up on the website in the next month if I can work out how to do it. Well anyway the website is due for a huge revamp soon anyway.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Summerfolk Festival!!!

Spent the weekend gigging at the wonderful Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound On.

Took part in about 6 workshops over the weekend, getting to share song circles with such talent as Trout Fishing in America, Fig for a Kiss, Mark Reeves, Liam Titcomb, Pavlo and more.
We also took part in a crazy mixed up band thingy that Ian Tamblyn put together, 5 musicians from different bands thrown together, to play two songs in front of an audience!

I met two of my band members 5 minutes before going on stage and let me tell you it was chaos but a lot of fun. We named our band Sunspun off a bucket we saw backstage ;P
One of my band members included Tanglefoot double bassist Al who was a laugh and a half.
We did Money Money Money by Abba and a traditional tune called Stretched out on your Grave. It was VERY scary but loads of fun. I have some photos that I hope to upload as soon as I can.

It was a wonderful festival and Liz and all the organisers involved did a great job. I hope to come back again in the future!

HIGHLIGHT mixed up band songs for the festival were "Sweet Caroline" & "Rockin in the free world"

Current Mood: tired

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We didn't break down in Wawa

We were told that Wawa is a notorious break down spot for musicians while on tour but lucky for us, old dirty kept it together and we got to the gig and left without any problems.

Tonight we did a show in conjunction with the city of Wawa and the local women's shelter Chadwic, raising some money for our gas as well as their worthy organisation. We played on the Wawa beach front to a lovely crowd including many children as the sun went down. Bridget from the city was kind enough to bring us a yummy vege lasagna and peach crumble which we enjoyed after the show more than can be described, (there's only so much vege stir fry one can take while on tour!).

Monday, August 15, 2005

Winnipeg Beach

Did a fun show at Winnipeg Beach yesterday. The people were fun and sold 4 tshirts!
I am happy to be helping spread Lloyds artwork around.

Afterwards we were put up at the lovely Hamilton House Hotel with Geri who was a riot.
I cooked stirfry and ate smarties and got to watch two episodes of Dr Who featuring the scrumptious Christopher Eccleston. And if that wasn't exciting enough, I made a passing comment to Dana at 1:55am that it would be lovely if Buffy was on and I turned over and there it was!!! How lucky was I?

Finished the night off with quirky cool Canadian show Robson Arms and another British detective show that I have seen before. Didn't mean this to sound like a TV guide, was just so excited to see TV, have a shower and a stove in our own room! Wow, I need to get home soon, haha, gee listen to me!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Books and Music

This afternoon we played in Winnipeg and it was lovely and the people laughed at most of my jokes! Would love to come back next year and explore more if I can. Don't have much more to say about that.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Regina rhymes with Vagina

Ok so just when I thought Canadian men were lovely I meet some after the gig that make me change my mind.I will get over it, just give me some time....;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One of the worst gigs of my life!!!

Ok so we had lots of people living in Lethbridge apologise for what happened last night at the T & G but it has still left a very bad taste in my mouth. I won't go into it but basically the sound was great in soundcheck. Unfortunately it didn't last as the sound guy began smoking joints during the show and kept getting more and more wasted until the sound was absolutely atrocious and Dana's singing sounded like it belonged in an episode of DR Who. I should have known by the negative remarks he made about several people from Calgary at the beginning of the show. Unbelievably unprofessional and upsetting and we won't be going back there!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Calgary and Vodka

Karma Arts House...

We came, we blew the sound system and I slapped my ass to the spanking solo on Spank Me Man, up on a table. Tyler danced his little butt off, Dana sang till she became Tom Waits and the rest of the crew smiled and played till we couldn't play no more.

Afterwards we drank vodka, beer and bear something in the RV with Rae Spoon and his siblings, a lovely lot. Sorry Rae for getting so agressive about getting that $5 from you, I didn't really want it, just wanted to win, haha!

Slept in very late today, after a trip to Recordland in Calgary yesterday, I stayed up listening to the CD's I bought including Tanita Tikaram all night, twist in my sobriety is a tune (as Jo would say). I wrote some stuff last night too. Stories and songs, missing London.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Had lots of fun at ArtsWells.

The people were lovely and accomodating, met some wonderful musicians and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately I was ill some of the time and needed to rest up so couldn't hang out with people as much as I wanted to. Have some great photos of Tyler and Dana during the Spank Me Man song that I will put up when I get a chance. Weather sucked a bit but everyone got through it. Many thanks to Paul and his crew for making us feel welcome again in lovely Wells. If only I had some money to buy some of the property there!

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Friday, July 29, 2005

You know when you can see there is trouble ahead?

Artspace, showcase for ArtsWells.
Funny Canadian men, posers, aggressive soundmen and the lovely organisers of ArtsWells.

I smelt trouble. Namely from Courtney Wing and his crew and when I mean trouble I don't necessarily mean it to be a bad thing. Trouble can be fun except I wasn't feeling well and wasn't sure I could cope with the trouble that was to surely follow.

Gig was fun, nice seeing all the talent. After pizza, had a ride in Courtneys fridge on wheels Matt showed me all the things he has sewn in the back seat. No that is not a phrase for something else he actually made drums cases from leather jackets! We discussed the differences between going on tour and having a partner and going on tour without a partner. I have to say it's harder with one, I think we both agreed on that, even if I didn't like the music they were playing.

Night ended with a fizzle. Someone crapping on in my ear, irritation, don't mess with my friends city, don't say shit about my music friends, so I went to bed, I don't need that crap. That person had better watch what they say, saying bad stuff about others will not help them in the music world, it will get around.

I was surprised, in the morning I saw Courtney and his crew driving off to Wells for the festival, even we were still in bed!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jason, you're an animal!

Well, it's always interesting playing at the Alpenhorn.

This time we met local Jason who asked Dana and I for a 3 way after we performed.
Of course Mick was of no help, infact he just made the situation worse!!! (Silly Mick)*

Jason did however buy me a drink and forced me to drink it right there with him, oh and his gf was right there too. Guess like they aren't selfish there and like to share ;) Food was great and audience fun, also a shout out to the lovely waitresses at the Alpenhorn, definitely some of the loveliest lasses you will ever meet. Check the place out if you ever pass through Smithers.

*This refers to a phrase that I coined on tour about silly things Mick has done, I was thinking of writing a childrens book about him as a child.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prince Rupert

Coming back to Prince Rupert is like coming back home.

Last year I did four shows there and made so many friends. This year a lot of them were away working for the summer but we did manage to catch up with Jim & family as well as Mudcat Joe, everyone's fave blues musician. After the show at Cowpuccino's we ate quite possibly the worst chinese food I have ever tasted and headed back to Mudcat Joe's house to hang out and jam. I ate his raisin toast and looked up semi nude photos of Robbie Williams with Tyler (haha!) and they chilled and smoked and Mudcat Joe played us some footage of him doing standup with his friend. Loved seeing Jim and the gang again and will definitely be back there again soon!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I love Terrace

Played CafeNara for the second time and it was a blast as per usual. Lovely, generous crowd who loved the music.

Afterwards we headed off to friend Jim's parents house where we had arranged to park the RV for the night. Wow I thought they were going to be quiet folks but were crazy, bringing out all sorts of instruments, alcohol, lovely food and playing the night away. I wasn't feeling the best as have been having problems with my broken tooth so I had to pack it in for the night. We woke up to a lovely view and fresh raspberries growing like 4 metres from where we were parked and I took loads of photos of the fruits and flowers growing in their garden. I feel all domesticated!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Played at Happy Jack's Pub in Houston tonight and after the show Naomi led us to her hideaway about 1 hour from the show. Apparently the plaid Tongued Devils in the past had really thought she was leading them into the woods to kill them. She even made jokes about this to me, which freaked me out a little!!! Haha no it was ok and it was worth it in the morning when we woke up and saw the view in front of us! I just wish we could have stayed longer.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Broke Ass Phil Collins

We played a lovely show to a small but appreciative crowd at Lorenzo's in Enderby BC tonight. Just when I thought BC couldn't get any beautiful we drove into Enderby. Earlier todday Dana played a set at the Kelowna Regatta which pretty much sucked, the event, not Dana's set!
We played the day before and it was just horrible. They had a student on sound and they massacred our set. Also I just don't think most people "got us", oh well it happens.

If you're ever in Enderby you must check out Lorenzo's. Top class food as well as a bowling alley out the back, it's a real unique place. We were also lucky enough to be graced by what some called the "Broke Ass Phil Collins" singing one more night with the wasted Dana & Tyler. A sight to be hold I tell you, I also have video footage that I hope to get up on the site at some point.

I bought some artwork by a local artist depicting Paris and went to sleep with a belly full of Lorne's secret chocolate pudding that has been passed down many generations.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pauls Barn, Grand Forks

Okay, a few days ago I stupidly told Kris Demeanor at my first show for the tour that I was going to be good and not drink too much, etc and so forth. Of course I should have known better as last night I completely fell off the goodness wagon and am paying for it today. Last night was my first barn/garage concert at friend Pauls in Grand Forks BC. I met Paul last year as he booked me for a show at the Grand Forks Art Gallery and we became friends. Paul really knows how to put on a shindig, the people were receptive and ever so slightly insane but it was fun. Dana's quote for the night after smoking; Toilet Bowl the musical, coming to a city near you!

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Middle of the Road

I still remember my first taste of BC hospitality."No no, you don't have to find a motel, you are welcome to stay with us.""No don't worry about making dinner, I will go and get a fish, fresh from the sea as I know the fisherman."

Last night Dana and her crew had their first taste of BC hospitality. I have traveled all around the world and still I am yet to find a place more beautiful, with people more friendly and accomodating than British Columbia in Canada. Last night was the first show I have ever done in a housing community and it went down a treat. First I got up with Jo on guitar (and groovin out on bass for Bug Song) with Dana on piano and backing vocals as well as Mick on drums and local violinist Erynne sitting in on a few tracks and then Dana and band did a rockin set. The audience were receptive and lovely and I sold my first "Delaphonic Shirt" which my mate Lloyd in London designed for me. Afterwards Gary and family invited us up to their house for lime juice and midnight burritos which were bloody delicious I have to tell you and then I tried my first two-bite brownie which tasted artificial and gross to my tastebuds. The gang don't understand how the hell I can think that?!?

Afterwards, Tyler and I went upstairs and listened to the Middle Road Communities "2005 Spring Cleaning" CD (20 odd tracks that really shouldn't be burnt on the same CD together) while having a bit of a smoke and discussing Eurovision, prank calls, growing long legs so we could push the ceiling off the house, who all the hairs from the mattress we were sitting on belonged to and bumteez, a delicious, late night stoner snack that we invented.

We are currently driving from Nelson to Grand Forks where we are doing a house concert at my friend Paul's. This is the first time I have plugged the laptop into the RV and used it while driving which is really cool and makes me feel so professional!!! Tonight, I know, not much sleep shall be had if Paul has something to do with it. Also when did the Wells council hire him to sell off their crown land? The man is obsessed with getting every musician to buy up there so he always has someone to bug! LMFAO! Nah, he's really a sweety.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Raspberries slay me with chocolate sauce and vanilla icecream

Walked around Nelson and put some posters up for our show at the Middle Road Community tomorrow, ate some delicious dolimades, only $1.50 for like 10 then drove up to the Community common house, ate a bloody yummy dinner of tacos and fresh raspberries with ice cream and chocolate sauce - Heaven in a bowl!

Spent some time chatting with one of my mates Ben back in Australia about being on the road.He also told me about his favourite porn site which he thought might help lonely musicians on the road which I politely declined to visit ;P

Now Tyler is playing Phil Collins and dancing in his pyjama pants after a little smoke. Oh no, he has kicked his toe and is "all shades of fucked up" because of it he tells me. Jo is just laughing at him, lot's of sympathy from her. My teeth are brushed, it's 4:08am and we need to be up to rehearse and get our shit together for the show later tonight. My life is so surreal sometimes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nelson, oh Nelson

This morning I awoke at 7am to take Anne to the bus station and sat on the banks of the river opposite Wal-Mart playing guitar and eating walnut and plum yogurt. What a lovely view of the mountains and beach ;) Yes we have been camped by the local Wal-Mart, evil evil, but they do let campers park for free which is something. We have discovered that A&W is the local hang out for senior citizens and that Canadians are nice and don't play games with the trolleys or poke holes in the milk bags. My god, they so would in Australia!!! We have a few days off, feels surreal, sleeping in a van and hanging out in an extremely small space with 5 other people. We actually rehearsed in the van tonight, will keyboard, 3 guitars (including me!), Mick on drum pad to boot. We got lazy and ate doritos and salsa for dinner and then I fell asleep with a sweet in my mouth reading Bill Bryson.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Ferries, Stomach aches & Free love

So here I am sitting in a net cafe in Nelson BC.

Since I left I have been in Vancouver, Duncan, Nanaimo, Crawford Bay & now Nelson. It's been a very hard few days...several ferry, bus trips, the vans brakes failing, repair, lateness, lack of sleep, near loss of voice, but we have made it through so far and I will survive like I always do.

I am in Nelson, it's a beautiful day, I have a place to sleep and a little girl bought one of my CD's and asked me to sign it at the festival yesterday. When she grows up she wants to be a biologist. Speaking of such. Got the freelove vibe at that gig, several way too friendly touches, glances and vibes but boy did the veggie burger rock! This morning we picked cherries from a tree right outside our motel room this morning at Kootenay Bay. Isn't that really cool?Life is very sweet.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

You are just too cute!!!

"Where have you booked us?" was the cry from Tyler on inspection of the Cambie Bar in Nanaimo. "Nice Suntan" one man said to Dana as she walked in. Oh shit, WHERE have I booked us?

We were presented with 7 Cambie dollars for our meal as well a crazy sound guy with a liking for karaoke. Oh my god and the room they gave us to sleep in!!! Covered in grafitti, several of which were of nude men in high heels??? They also said we wouldn't get paid until they checked the room the next day for damage, HA! Should I use my sex appeal to survive or to escape?

"You are too cute" I was told by one punter, and "oh what a cute accent you have". The second dude was spotted muttering to himself in the bakery the next door the following morning. The show was accepted greedily as they were used to loud rock, and wow look how cute Anne looked playing cello all dressed in white with the funny fingerless sock gloves on! We set off shortly after 10am to get a ferry to the mainland Van to meet Mick and "Ol Dirty" the RV which was to become our home for the next 2 months. Oh dear, what have I done? Several setbacks later and we were on the road, and rolled into Nelson around 3am, trying to punch the code for the hostel we were given into anything that looked remotely like a keypad on the front door, all very james bond but we didn't find it and had to sleep in the van. Bollocks!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

In a little town called Duncan

In a little town called DuncanNice show last night, pity there weren't many people.Thanks though to Longevity John who made our stay memorable with all of his weird toys and 12 dogs!

This was the first show with Jo from England and the returning Anne sitting in on a few shows on cello until Emily arrives with her violin.

Chant played insane drums on The Pyjama Song and Kris Demeanor played his little handy casio on Spank Me Man. I also got to spank Kris for a good minute after his requesting in the spanking solo to which my hands hurt for hours. Man does he have a hard ass! Got me all worked up.

Chant played a new one "Who threw the gouda on the track" which nearly had me pissing in me dacks and Kris also played my new favourite "I have seen the future" aka the tennis song which is the lazy moi calls it.

They were all in fine, mad form as per usual and it was lovely to see them again. After the show Anne & I watched zoolander with Chant, Di, Peter & Kris in their slightly less superior motel room (we had a fridge and kitchen) while eating their crackers and cherries. Peter took some silly photos of Anne, Chant & Kris and he also tried to sell me some dodgy land as I was slightly drunk and vulnerable. Kris suggested taking even more advantage of me but no one was game. Never mess with a drunk Australian woman!!!

Went to sleep sore from carrying all of those bags from earlier in the day. This afternoon we will meet Dana, Tyler and Mick and our future home "Ol Dirty Bastard", on the road for the start of our 2 month tour of milk bag pricking and musical mayhem.

Current Music: Robbie Williams - Misunderstood