Thursday, March 29, 2007

Piano Piano Banjo

Last night we had dinner at a local diner that's just opened; french fries, coke and a grilled cheese sandwich. We finished off our meal with a leisurely stroll on the pier and met a funny fellow who lives in a very very small shed which he has set up as his home including the tiniest kitchen you have ever seen but room enough for the delicious nut wine he shared with us and his various musical instruments including a banjo and bed. Turns out he just returned from Mexico, so jealous and is a musician so I am going to visit him again, maybe I will take CJ down to meet him next week. We finished our evening with cheesecake and bread and butter pudding at a lovely pub on the main street which was surprisingly stylish upstairs; who would have known.

Speaking of pudding, I am starting to turn into one spending so much time sitting on the piano bench. I am currently working on "The Power of Orange Knickers" by Tori Amos and "In Search of Peter Pan" by Kate Bush. This new found freedom of playing an instrument is really lovely, well sort of playing ;) ah but I will get there. You think I would have started with something a little easier like Sarah McLachlan or something. Not that I like her music much but her piano parts are pretty simple.I am also working on a couple of tunes that still won't let themselves be completed including " the romantic novel me" which I am pretty excited about. Definitely got some early Tori Amos influences and well as my own sound on piano which is starting to really come out with all of the playing.

Ok, back to work!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recording Update

Sunday was spent recording the acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion/kit for Reins, Down This Road and Silently Sweet and it's coming along nicely.Playing with CJ is a delight, she's so easy to get along with and a wonderful guitarist, can't wait for you all to hear the tracks and her playing with me live in the next few months.