Monday, November 28, 2005

Write Write Write While You Can!

Figure I might as well as write as much as I can now before the tour starts, god knows when I will get myself to a computer to write something in here then.

All the shows for the tour are booked and things are going splendidly.
We are playing a couple of shows in Holland and Germany, stopping over in Brussells
which I am very excited about and then Eurotunnelling it back to the Uk via Calais.
Good shopping there I hear!?!

Today I have been very crap and only ate blueberry pie for breakfast and lunch.

Yesterday Lynda and I went on a nice roadtrip to Stratford and St Mary's in Ontario.
We went to a farm where they sold crazy jams and pies and then spent 45 mins in a tea shop would you believe? I am loaded up with exotic teas for the tour and blue plum and raspberry chocolate jam, mmm. There was snow and a lovely early morning breakfast at Let Them Eat Cake in Stratford with a sweet waitress. I took some photos and ate samples as it was tax free day in downtown St Mary's. We listened to Sunset by Kate Bush
about 3 times in a row in the car. Of course it was only a matter if time before I managed to sneak Robbie Williams into the CD player but lucky for some I brought the wrong CD and we were nearly home.

We ate Kraft Dinner for tea, with some aged cheese melted in it from St Mary's, it's weird because I am so picky but not with Kraft Dinner. Tonight we are having sweet potato and maple bean burritos for dinner, one of my faves for the last time for a while, till I get back from the tour I guess.

Oh and the snow is gone in Toronto.
I don't understand, it just came! it made me cold and my toes froze and now it has melted.
Four Seasons in One Day (written about Melbourne by Neil Finn) should be lent to Toronto I think.

3 more days till I fly out, oooh did I remember to tell the airline I am a vegetarian?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Last Canadian Show With Amy

Last night Amy and I played a nice little show at new Toronto Bar & Eatery Rockie Raccoons on Yonge St. A bunch of friends came and I also made some new friends. Some of the songs were filmed by Tamara, perhaps up on the website at some point?

We said goodnight to Amy, she was getting a bus to the airport at 4:30am!
The next time I see her will be in London in 10 days, how weird!

So much to do before I leave.
The snow has just started to fall, seems like good timing to high tail...

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chatham, ON

Amy and I played to an attentive and intimate crowd at the lovely William St Cafe in Chatham last night. What a nice surprise it was after the venue in Windsor the night before.

I should have asked more questions about the origins of the cafe but the building had alot of the original features and one of the funkiest, comfortable places I have seen in Ontario.

Afterwards we went back to stay with our global freeloaders hosts in Tecumseh which I cannot seem to say properly! They had the most awesome bathroom with a heat lamp, a speaker system so you could bop with your soap in the shower and they left us muffins and nuts and port!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Windsor Doesn't Rhyme With Anything Dammit!

Wow, Windsor, what can I say?
You have a stylish mall....

Thanks to the venue for the programming. Yes we have singer songwriters....
They especially like to stand under the big TV while there is a game on and have
peanuts thrown at them.

Though, real thanks to the 8 people who did enjoy the show, people who had never heard music like Amy's and mine before. Perhaps we will find a nicer, more suitable venue for you next time.

Hey Amy, who is that guy at the bar with the power?!?
Driving away like bandits after a stupid crazy, gig does feel good!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Space, New live songs & a poem

Hey folks

I have updated my, myspace page and you can see it at

I also made a special live songs page here; which has two songs from a recent concert in Rasputin's in Ottawa for which I am accompanied by Dana Shellmire on piano/vocals and Sahra Featherston on harp/violin. You can dowload the cracking piano version of Melting Down there too.

I added Friday Morning Lullabies from the same concert to , that was the second time we have played it, we're still ironing out the creases and I am trying to remember the words!

beautiful what ifs

what is this,
what we are?
stolen chances
stuffed in our pockets,
brimming and confused,
and my frozen crossbow
cold against your chest
leading you into
only senses
and beautiful what ifs

there's a la la
in your voice
and survival in your stride
because there's new wrinkles
around your eyes
and more afterthought than
you ever needed to want.

but don't think that I will love you less
because of your
extra folds,
your face and skin,
delicately growing old.

you're in my blood
that's just how it is
I'll never be sorry for that...

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kiwi's Are Not The Only Fruit (poem)

she is the girl who broke my last straw
crushed the last memories
through your lies
for the newspaper won't lull me
to sleep at night
important stories,
knowing we belong together,
it's a heavy weight...
and your love is far away
over the ocean
yet again

I can forgive the dark faced girl
but not the kiwi
who grounds her feet where they are not wanted

you can tell me that you love her!
pining for love that grew roots in foreign soil
hiding my face so when you came inside of me you believed it was her
but I won't ever accept this
I've got a Canadian passport
and she has little time
so she has to make a choice
which drama will she lose?
and she will lose!
I just pray that it will be you...


Lot's of news...

I will be doing a photoshoot with Toronto photographer Michelle Gibson on Mon 21st Nov and am very excited as her work is awesome and I so need a revamp. Check out her website at, looks like Amy Seeley will be joining me for a couple of photos as well for use in upcoming promo for shows. What's this? we will have hair and makeup and borrowed jewelry and clothing too? ooh it's all so professional.

Speaking of revamp, in time for the upcoming UK/EU tour, the website will be overhauled and sweetened with the talents of designer Pamela Farber
We have been working on the design together via email and wait till you see the new look, it's me right through! Also there will be new promo stuff like photos, posters and postcards, not to mention soundfiles from recent live shows and projects.

Spent yesterday meeting with Michelle and Pamela to discuss projects but also took a load of new photos down an alley off Queen Street West in Toronto, of mainly grafitti my new obsession perhaps? When I can get off my butt I will upload them to

What else? Some new dates added to the UK tour including a house concert in Bradford on Avon, co-housing community concert in Sussex, show at the Green Note restaurant in Camden London, one of my fave places and a very special christmas eve show in Dorset. Oh and there will be a couple of Toronto shows added for the duo shows with Amy Seeley in the next few days too. Busy crazy busy and she will be here in a week!

For those who love good music, Anja Garbarek has a new album out, with the lovely "The Last Trick" single. Check out finally, a website with more than two words about the super talented and beautiful Anja. Oh and also make sure you check out the new gorgeous promo photos of Anja, I hope my photos turn out half as good as hers.

Last night Lynda and I watched the Timothy Hutton film, Beautiful Girls.
He is my favourite actor and I had kind of lost touch with what he was up to but I guess I have been having a bit of a Timothy fest lately, catching up and remembering how awesome and CUTE he is with The Falcon & the Snowman with Sean Penn & Turk 182. We just got Ordinary People from the Library, also I had forgotten how awsome they are, free videos and CD's, not to mention the activities they have there including a poetry group, whoa who's a dork?

Anyway it's late as I still haven't had breakfast so must remedy that.

Hope it's sunny where you are...

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

in truth she cannot pretend (new poem)

the lier awakes
with knuckles between
her legs,
her mind dwelling
on superheroes...
with truth
strapped to their groins
cause it's been so long
since she came up for air

and in the moment of
real knowing
in sleep she cannot pretend...
tears swell and com-bust,
skin reddens, lips calm
after the final explosion
she loves as much as pain
and she knows she cannot stop it