Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Northern Germany Spring Tour Recap


nihan arrived from london at 7:21pm and was on the stage at 8pm playing, what a sport!
lovely crowd, nice intimate space. cafe mojo's owner david is a very cool man and drives
a mean red van. sold lots of cds, slept in a lovely bed. a fine start to the northern
germany tour.


oh kiel you're just lovely, who would have known?
very pretty venue and willy of prinz willy was a fine chap. very very cool audience....sold stacks of cd's
and had loads of fun. sound a bit shit but we powered on. stayed with the lovely suse and her italian friend who were so helpful to us. i really like it in kiel and want to go back soon for sure.


big city, show was ok. not terrible not great. didn't really make much of an impression on me to be honest. maybe another time perhaps?


oh dear. the day started with the turkey faced deutsche bahn woman on the way to norderstedt which emil wrote a song about. i don't know what i can say? the sound was atrocious and venue not really nice at all. i do remember after the show a lovely woman called birgit coming up and thanking emil and i so much for coming....so i guess i will remember her instead of the other negative stuff.


oh we love you and your giggling bakery girls , your crazy christians including one man in the audience who has his own website claiming to be jesus reincarnated...(i just found this out, he added me to myspace!), the lady with the bunny ears kissing her dog, rainer the owner of the kneipe and his little grins but less english, the classy 80's hotel we stayed in, the appeciative audience and breakfast in the morning. we really needed you after the other STEDT!


GAY PORN WORLD! lots of porn places around the station. kind of a weird show, not bad but weird. mixture of high class germans across from an english football team. weird atmoshere but some friends and family there for nihan which was nice and we drank some sort of local drink with bitch in the title and ate yummy soup. thanks to the lovely smiling man who came up afterwards and roland who was a lovely host. might be nice to go back without football fans, who knows?


not enough sleep at the start, nihan's tooth problems flaring up in berlin, the man smashing the bottle and shards of glass going in my hair in berlin, catching a million trains, norderstedt, too much bread, stupid fricking b string going out of tune contantly, bad sound when we had it, stinky clothes, emil losing chargers, me losing cords, crying after norderstedt, having to play so much guitar when i didn't feel i was ready for it


the drunk man at the end of the carriage singing german white hip hop with his friend on back up vocal zombie throat singing underneath for several hours on the way to norderstedt, the recording i made of it, the crazy sarstedt christians including jesus reincarnate and the bunny ears lady practically molesting nihan cause she loved her so much and her telling us she will be waiting for us next time we are on tour


first gig with just nihan & i, kiel and suses italian treats, rainers kneipe and smiling sarstedt faces,

emil singing me the turkey cow song in the norderstedt hotel room after the gig: cheering me up and then leaving norderstedt the next day, sleep when we got it, selling lots of cds in the nice venues, buying clean underwear for the first time in years, giggling a lot till it hurt when we were so tired and everything seemed so absurd, emil's face in spank me man when i started taking off my jacket, nihan when she told emil and i just STOP!, lots of nice dogs in the streets, andrea's cool cat merlin in berlin! ha!, rossman in train stations, hotel breakfasts and me and emil stealing so obviously and not noticing nihan do it at all, playing guitar and being crap sometimes but knowing i did it and it can only get better!, nihan's kind family, jonathan doing sound and being a guitar tech at the last show, balou: rolands dog and hugs and so much laughter with nihan and emil!!!