Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My First UK House Concert

My first house concert in the UK went smashingly last night accompanied by Amy, Emily and Teresa.

We drank mulled wine, ate mince tarts and had fun playing to the enthusiastic crowd.
After some of the stranger shows we have done on this tour, it was nice to play to a music loving crowd.

Here is a review by Healthy Concert organiser John Wadsworth;

"Great gig to warm the cockles on the eve of the Midwinter Solstice (fittingly rounded off by the line \'And the Sun will rise again\' in Emaline\'s song - Down this Road) Emaline kept promising us that her voice was going to fail her due to a sore throat, but happily it didn't and if she'd never have mentioned it, we'd never have known. Emaline has a quirky and interesting vocal style and gave an audacious performance, backed by three other musicians, including the superb pianist and singer-songwriter, Amy Seeley, who gave her own solo performance to kick the evening off. A great evening and thanks so much to Sarah and Kevin for hosting it in their fabulous living room. Over 50 people showed up!! Thanks guys! " - author John Wadsworth

Monday, December 19, 2005

Locked Doors, too many breasts and those lovely Germans

We spent an insane weekend driving through countries in europe getting to a new gig and place each day this past weekend.

Amsterdam was difficult as per usual. Was hoping it would all come together this time but things went wrong as they usually do, I guess at this time, Amsterdam and I are just not meant to be. The gig was ok, they seemed to love spank me man, I wonder why?!? but the next morning we got locked in a tiny stairwell in a tiny apartment of splindly stairs with a lady blaming us for breaking the door which we didn't do. Nearly had the car clamped and towed but made it to it in time to then drive down a one way street on the wrong side, down the wrong way. Oh the joy.

Onto lovely steyberg, magical, snow falling, giant flakes, getting lost as per usual but finding Lebengarten just in time for lovely soup and sandwiches before the show. what a lovely show, Amy got to play a real piano and the audience were sweet, one lady requesting Friday Morning Lullabies as an encore which was wonderful as it's pretty mellow and new and it's nice that people are responding well to something I didn't know would go down well.
Can't wait to go back sometime in the future.

The last show for the weekend was one at the LAB in Stuttgart where I have played before. Great audience as per usual, and a lovely man gave me Vashti Bunyans CD which is so weird cause I was thinking of getting it, Amy was given Mary Chapin Carpenter too. It's nice to be able to go back to a place in another country where people love your music and you are treated with respect, I look forward to it each time.

Tonight we played a crazy show at London's tiniest music venue The Betsey Trotwood which was loads of fun, and my sore throat which has been playing up all weekend held out for me. Fun crowd, spankers and all. Hope to go back again in the future.

Tomorrow we head off to Bradford On Avon for a show as part of which I am really looking forward to.

Oh and Nizlopi are number 1!!! So proud of you!
Run out and buy the single or check out their page on my links page to find out more.

Got to get some sleep and let my throat rest.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

London Still

Here I am back at the old local net cafe in Stokey, London.
Things aren't breaking down every 5 seconds this time which is nice.

Spent an interesting week in the south west UK (Devon/Cornwall & Dorset), some shows were fun others not so much but what can you do?

Last night we played at the Moondog Loves You Xmas Factor and met some other cool musicians, ate some scones and did some spanking. Moondog shows are lots of fun to play and this one was no exception.

Tomorrow we head over to Amsterdam and Germany for the weekend and really looking forward to it as well as seeing some familiar faces in Stuttgart.

I am feeling a little bit tired today so I won't write much but I will say one thing.
It was lovely seeing Nizlopi on Top of the Pops on Sun night. We were playing at a pub in Paignton Devon and I blubbered as I was so happy and proud of them. For those of you who don't know them, we met at a London open mic back in 2002 and have since played many Moondog Shows together. If you haven't got your copy yet rush out and help the boys make it to number one this christmas. or , don't try and link from this journal though as it won't work well, copy the link and paste into a new browser for it to work properly.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Exeter, Hospitality and Aussies

Played a lovely show at the North Bridge Inn last night in Exeter Devon, my favourite so far on the tour.

Before the show I spent a few hours wandering through the city, which reminded me a little of Melbourne and made me a bit homesick. The audience were wonderful, lots of artists and musicians including talented Australian guitarist/singer/songwriter Nuala, we chatted after the show and are going to keep in contact in the future. We played Spank Me Man twice at their request!!!

Eddie and Willow, the hosts were also lovely and this morning I sang Under The Apple Tree to the hamster as they said he never comes out except for music. Before I knew it his little head popped out of the cotton wool bed, his nose twitching and he rested his head and his eyes closed and he fell asleep! :)

Now we are in a lovely village called Newton Ferrers in Devon, tonight playing at a pub called the Swan in Noss Mayo on the water. Have heard nice things about it.

Must go as the lady we are staying with Ann has made us a lovely meal :)