Wednesday, November 24, 2010

notes from the road: yank cannuck: nelson bc

I am an explorer. I am brave and a little foolhardy but I live.Yesterday I left Portland where a transformation took place. Today I walked over the US/Canadian border through the snow in orthopedic shoes on my way to Nelson BC. I managed to hitchhike from Colville to the border to the surprise of the Canadian border patrol. After a few questions, they photocopied my passport and Canadian permanent resident card (as valuable as the psychic paper in Doctor Who in these parts!), wished me luck and I stood on the other side with my cardboard to hitch another ride. One car came through and they took me to Rossland. What a pretty little town! I got me some pink snow boots and an ugly hat and by the time I had walked from one end of town to the other, people were stopping me in the street asking if I was the girl who needed a ride to Nelson :) I made it to Nelson with two rides and the last guy gave me a giant box of chocolates and wished me well. He lives with his gay partner and they have a pest control business in the area. 15 years later they are still very happy. That is rare to hear these days and gives me hope.

The streets of Nelson are covered with glistening snow. Couples hold hands with puffy gloves, slipping on the sidewalk but smiling. I really like it here. Why did I move to Toronto last year instead? Was it really for the promise of love with a self centred broke comedian or was it that I felt that I had run out of options and needed to find a good job and create some stability? Ha! I didn't know what love was. I didn't know what living was back then. Nelson, what is it that makes me feel so at ease in your streets? But after more than 8 weeks in the US I balked at your prices. $6.99 for Tofurky Italian Style Sausages? WTF? But you are beautiful. This weekend I will play 3 shows in the area. 2 shows in Nelson including a health food store that runs a music series on Saturdays and a house concert in Salmo at a music studio, fun!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Halloween hasn't been all that's been cracked up to be

I had to go and get sick on Halloween weekend so sat around watching Arrested Development with my friend in Cleveland for 12 days until my throat got a little better and I pushed onto the west. Unfortunately I had to cancel and postpone my shows as my voice has been taking it's time to come back but will be playing a handful of solo BC Canada shows from late November before heading back to Germany in early December. Thanks to all the folks who have been so supportive, letting me stay at their houses, sleep in their beds and put up with me :)