Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Never Happened in Osnabruck, Stays in Osnabruck

House Concert Osnabruck

Before picking Daisy up from the station, Karsten and I spent most of the day wandering the streets of Osnabruck, checking out music stores and having lunch in the beautiful old part of town. What a city! It's definitely a place I would like to get to know more in the future.

We had to cancel our Osnabruck house concert the week before because I got the flu and we rescheduled it, by the looks of it at a bad time during school exams so there was only a small audience but they were nice and all women! to Karstens delight :) What followed the concert after some people had to leave to get up early and milk cows ?!? were many hours of deterioration through alcohol playing 'I have never' in Sanja's kitchen. Didn't someone cook refried beans too? We purged all our naughty secrets and Karsten became the guardian of our toothbrushes only to leave them behind the next day when we departed. Sanja was so patient and good to us. I hope she lets us come again :)

Highlight: All the hat wearing and band bonding. I said bonding, not bondage!
Lowlight: The scattered mess next morning and ugh my head.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nine Hours to Unna

Spatz und Wal Unna

After 9 hours of train travel, terrible small town train station pastries, Karsten nearly leaving his bag on the platform (with his laptop and EVERYTHING in it) and numerous stops in shitty grey towns we made it to Unna and discovered to our surprise that it was actually quite pretty. We dragged all our shit through the cobble stone streets (the only thing that pissed me off about the place) and made it to the Spatz und Wal, a dark ye olde British type pub with a charming waitress and a relaxed feel.  We discovered to our relief that we actually did have some accommodation arranged across the road. There had been some confusion with the booking agent who we met later in the night...seemed he had already thrown a few back before he got to the pub. Ah that's why ;P

The gig was actually really fun and it was a nice break from all the house concerts we had been playing which had started to go down hill a bit lately. I didn't mind all the talking in the audience, in fact it was refreshing and I felt free to try out some new stuff with my crappy Schlecker keyboard. Karsten also really let loose :) All in all a nice gig.

Highlight:  We especially liked it when the waitress insisted we could drink all we wanted from the bar.
Lowlight: The breakfast the pub paid €11 for in the private house of the woman we stayed at...