Tuesday, June 27, 2006

11 Performances in 9 Days

1)Billy Bragg is a communist the man yelled from the audience
2)We escaped the Blue Mountain Storm safely and in one piece
3)TV is fun and scary and I looked like a big dork on the show
4)Nope, nothing is changed I still hate the sound in pubs
5)I still love playing in housing co-ops, and dutch exhange boys are cute
6)Are there any vegetables in Oakville ON?
7)You're a DJ and you will promote me on your show? which show? Oh you can't remember the name of it? How stupid do you think I am?
8)South River? South of what? It doesn't matter, you still rock!
9)Weird, Weirder but nice

Friday, June 23, 2006

First Shows with the Delistocracy!!!

Hey there

Finally I have a little bit of time to write about the first shows on the tour with the Delistocracy are going.

After a very quiet start for the first show things have really started to pick up and wow what a wide range of audiences we have been having and lots of fun too.

The first show was very quiet and the second we were nearly blown off the stage at the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, but we survived and people seemed to enjoy it. Then we played at Artwherk Pride on Mon 19th. You may remember I had some of my pieces displayed there last year. It was loads of fun and nice to see the Artwherk boys again.

Tuesday was a hometown show for Aurora with a bunch of her buddies and her mum coming out to support us. Sound was a bit dodgy but we made it through and had a lot of fun and Aurora's mum brought us a bunch of groceries which was nice for the long journey to Ottawa the next day.

Wed we played the Terra Firm Housing Community in Ottawa which has been my fave show this week. Really fun people and they helped us with killer backing vocals on Down This Road! My dear friend Benoit filmed the night so I am hoping I can get that up on the web at some point. We hope that we made the first house concert at Terra Firma a memorable night and that they will continue to have such concerts in the future and we would love to come back again.

Last night, played at quirky little cafe in Oakville where we had loads of fun and the audience were really friendly and accomodating. Thanks to John for setting that up at such late notice.

We have a few more shows this weekend including FRWY Cafe tonight in Hamilton, Toronto Roots Fest tomorrow 2:30pm and Renees Cafe in South River in the evening and a very special open air house concert at the Mount Nemo Lookout B & B in Burlington on Sun with some delicious food and wonderful music. We hope to see some of you out there. It's gonna be a lot of fun!

Ok then, I will write more in a few days, enjoy your weekend :)


ps)photos from first few shows can be viewed here

Friday, June 16, 2006

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

I am waking up this morning with Olivia Newton John's most hilarious song "Physical".
Do you remember when that came out? The video is also a real laugh.

Anyway, we are going to be doing a bunch of fun covers on this tour including yes you guessed it "Physical" which is gonna be soooo fun, just gotta find some purple and pink sweat bands and leg warmers to top it off!!!

Oooh and I am excited to say there will also be a Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Ani Difranco song as well.

Tomorrow is our first gig together as a band so I am excited and nervous in equal amounts but happy to be playing again, and with some kickin new versions of the songs. Wait till you hear them. Silently Sweet is smoking and Melting Down is so fun.

I've also pulled out an old piano song and there is a new song, Balloon that I have been itching to play for ages. I also have a couple of other new songs that I want to try out in the next few weeks so I hope you like them.

I will write after the first couple of gigs at the end of the weekend!

Current Music: "Physical" by Olivia Newton John
Current Food: Raspberry Spelt Square from Little Stream Bakery