Monday, August 22, 2005

Summerfolk Festival!!!

Spent the weekend gigging at the wonderful Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound On.

Took part in about 6 workshops over the weekend, getting to share song circles with such talent as Trout Fishing in America, Fig for a Kiss, Mark Reeves, Liam Titcomb, Pavlo and more.
We also took part in a crazy mixed up band thingy that Ian Tamblyn put together, 5 musicians from different bands thrown together, to play two songs in front of an audience!

I met two of my band members 5 minutes before going on stage and let me tell you it was chaos but a lot of fun. We named our band Sunspun off a bucket we saw backstage ;P
One of my band members included Tanglefoot double bassist Al who was a laugh and a half.
We did Money Money Money by Abba and a traditional tune called Stretched out on your Grave. It was VERY scary but loads of fun. I have some photos that I hope to upload as soon as I can.

It was a wonderful festival and Liz and all the organisers involved did a great job. I hope to come back again in the future!

HIGHLIGHT mixed up band songs for the festival were "Sweet Caroline" & "Rockin in the free world"

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We didn't break down in Wawa

We were told that Wawa is a notorious break down spot for musicians while on tour but lucky for us, old dirty kept it together and we got to the gig and left without any problems.

Tonight we did a show in conjunction with the city of Wawa and the local women's shelter Chadwic, raising some money for our gas as well as their worthy organisation. We played on the Wawa beach front to a lovely crowd including many children as the sun went down. Bridget from the city was kind enough to bring us a yummy vege lasagna and peach crumble which we enjoyed after the show more than can be described, (there's only so much vege stir fry one can take while on tour!).

Monday, August 15, 2005

Winnipeg Beach

Did a fun show at Winnipeg Beach yesterday. The people were fun and sold 4 tshirts!
I am happy to be helping spread Lloyds artwork around.

Afterwards we were put up at the lovely Hamilton House Hotel with Geri who was a riot.
I cooked stirfry and ate smarties and got to watch two episodes of Dr Who featuring the scrumptious Christopher Eccleston. And if that wasn't exciting enough, I made a passing comment to Dana at 1:55am that it would be lovely if Buffy was on and I turned over and there it was!!! How lucky was I?

Finished the night off with quirky cool Canadian show Robson Arms and another British detective show that I have seen before. Didn't mean this to sound like a TV guide, was just so excited to see TV, have a shower and a stove in our own room! Wow, I need to get home soon, haha, gee listen to me!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Books and Music

This afternoon we played in Winnipeg and it was lovely and the people laughed at most of my jokes! Would love to come back next year and explore more if I can. Don't have much more to say about that.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Regina rhymes with Vagina

Ok so just when I thought Canadian men were lovely I meet some after the gig that make me change my mind.I will get over it, just give me some time....;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One of the worst gigs of my life!!!

Ok so we had lots of people living in Lethbridge apologise for what happened last night at the T & G but it has still left a very bad taste in my mouth. I won't go into it but basically the sound was great in soundcheck. Unfortunately it didn't last as the sound guy began smoking joints during the show and kept getting more and more wasted until the sound was absolutely atrocious and Dana's singing sounded like it belonged in an episode of DR Who. I should have known by the negative remarks he made about several people from Calgary at the beginning of the show. Unbelievably unprofessional and upsetting and we won't be going back there!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Calgary and Vodka

Karma Arts House...

We came, we blew the sound system and I slapped my ass to the spanking solo on Spank Me Man, up on a table. Tyler danced his little butt off, Dana sang till she became Tom Waits and the rest of the crew smiled and played till we couldn't play no more.

Afterwards we drank vodka, beer and bear something in the RV with Rae Spoon and his siblings, a lovely lot. Sorry Rae for getting so agressive about getting that $5 from you, I didn't really want it, just wanted to win, haha!

Slept in very late today, after a trip to Recordland in Calgary yesterday, I stayed up listening to the CD's I bought including Tanita Tikaram all night, twist in my sobriety is a tune (as Jo would say). I wrote some stuff last night too. Stories and songs, missing London.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Had lots of fun at ArtsWells.

The people were lovely and accomodating, met some wonderful musicians and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately I was ill some of the time and needed to rest up so couldn't hang out with people as much as I wanted to. Have some great photos of Tyler and Dana during the Spank Me Man song that I will put up when I get a chance. Weather sucked a bit but everyone got through it. Many thanks to Paul and his crew for making us feel welcome again in lovely Wells. If only I had some money to buy some of the property there!

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