Friday, February 18, 2011

The Grey Seal Hunt Opens This Week in Cape Breton

The Grey Seal Hunt just opened this week in Cape Breton Canada. For those who don't know, the Canadian Seal Hunt is an inhumane and cruel practice that is subsidized by the Canadian government: your tax dollars! Quite often babies are only 12-14 days old and are killed right there in front of their mother and their fur sold to make coats and pelts. The meat and oil of the animal is barely used, in fact most of the time the carcass is left on the ice to rot!  Imagine as a mother how you would feel. I find this disgusting, and although I love Canada, am a permanent resident and feel it to be part of who I am now, I don't understand how so many Canadians can just sit by and not give a shit. I beg my Canadian friends and other folk to educate themselves about this issue and take a stand. Read the link below for more info: